Springfield MO Aikido Workshop 2017

It was an absolute pleasure to have been invited to teach a Building Bridges workshop at the Aikido dojo in Springfield under the esteemed Renner Sensei. Our hosts were eager to work with our unique brand of Aikido. Moreover, all the black belts were gracious beyond measure. Chuck Renner Sensei took the entire TRA group out to dinner that evening, and we all enjoyed fantastic food, conversation, and the camaraderie one can only find between dojo families.

Yellowhand Sensei and his family were the most hospitable people, and such a pleasure to be around the entire time. (We look forward to the next toast Yellowhand Sensei makes - what a wordsmith!) He has often come to St. Louis to train with us since then, as have many Aikidoist from this workshop. Senshi Budokan dojo under Yellowhand Sensei and Springfield Aikido School under Chuck Renner Sensei are extended dojo family now, and we'll never forget our amazing time there! We look forward to many future workshops between our schools. TRA would be thrilled to host Renner Sensei in St. Louis for a workshop of his own anytime.