Sensei Dan

His students say: "Dan has a really relaxed approach to his classes. His patience and understanding are a great benefit to all ranks."

Dan Woods has been studying Aikido since 1996 and is the senior student of Three Rivers Aikido. In 2010 Dan joined Sensei Freeman in Romania, for a nation-wide Tenshin Aikido seminar. Additionally, Dan has been studying Tai Chi Chuan under Sifu Justin Meehan since 2001. Dan is a Systems Manager with a local investment management firm. He currently teaches Aikido on Tuesday evenings.

Dan's Aikido is highly understated. His movements are precise, but elegant - exact, but smooth. Decades of practice have honed his Aikido into the minimalist efficiency many Aikidoka strive for but never attain.

Sensei Freeman often says, "We should all grow up to be just like Dan."