Sensei Aughey

His students say: "John is the perfect instructor for kids and beginners, a unique skill that no doubt has developed from being a father to three teenage girls."

"He is the funniest guy and he's always there for his kohai."

"John is a dedicated Aikidoist: he eats and breathes Aikido."

John Aughey began his Aikido training at Three Rivers in 2011. Aikido became such an integral part of his life that he brought his entire family to Three Rivers. John's three daughters train in the Aiki-Kids classes while his wife enjoys Alyona's yoga classes. When traveling for work, John enjoys training at other Aikido schools to broaden his exposure to the wider Aikido community. John instructs the Thursday evening Aiki-Kids class.

John's Aikido is fresh and evolving. His devotion to studying the various methods of technique, and his constant revision of his own form have created a recognizable efficiency in him. He is preparing for his "Nidan" (second degree black belt) test. One of the things John is best at is preparing others for their tests. He's always available to the student who is committed to making their next rank.

A Tip from Senpai John:

Aikido Language for Beginners