illustrations | digital collage


Pages from the Unseen Book:

2018 - ongoing

These sketches are illustrative recordings of my journey through recent trauma, time relativity, mystic multiplicity, and dream spaces. When I get a chance, I draw dreams, visions, or encounters, past/present/future, with the spirit world, good and evil, and my continual journey therein. This work is being drafted for a graphic novel on the subject of slavery and spiritual magic.

Featured Image: This work is a transducer for the myriad of deception I had to experience as a result of my final awakening powers of love and light. The first image portrayed is of my djinn, who first came to me at age eight. Appearing a second time while in a trance state, simplifying telepathically saying "come". It can be supremely jealous, and negatively protective of me, but all in all, requires love, like all creatures. The featured image depicts a womxn attempting to calm the fury it wields when neglected or cast out. When eruption occurs, she speaks "bismillah" بسم الله , takes it to forests near oceans, abandoned buildings, or singing songs to encourage gentle ways of making friends and asking for love and help. It is highly disappointed in the arrogance humanity exhibits towards the first creatures from Great Spirit.


This exploration in visual meditation uses a kaleidoscope app to generate mandalas with various geometries. What my mind sees is amplified expression and life emanating from a source. I recursively seek to deeply understand the construction of the natural and constructed, for looking is the first reading - the original pathway to understanding and a type of enlightenment. I am eternally grateful to be humbled by the overwhelming synthesis we are all cocooned within.

Kaleidoscope: Geometric

Kaleidoscope: Botanical

Kaleidoscope: Tribal

Kaleidoscope: Fairy Eyes

Kaleidoscope: City

Kaleidoscope: Portrait