Handwritten Prints

A collection of handwritten words.

Rustic Bones & Elegance

These pieces are inspired by nature and produced found objects such as ocean shells and animal bones.

2020: Precious Ghosts

This work is comprised of living beings who found their way to me or whom I happened upon. Supreme respect is held for all living things, seen and unseen; and no organism here was betrayed with murder or imprisonment. I cannot consume these creatures, but I do have the capability of honoring their spirit by displaying their power, unheard by most, as a artifact of adornment. . . a precious ghost . . . everlasting energy.

Dedicated to Frog: Drugged, raped in connection to an illegal eviction, I only had the fellowship of non-speaking entities to give me love while I worked to heal the damage done from that forceful attempt from another to share their burden of poison. The frog jumped in my tent, while homeless, and woke me with a sweet dream just prior to my alarm going off. I felt its tiny reptilian body on my pillow, looking at me as I awoke. It disappeared into my tent and much to my dismay, I could not locate it until it was too late. So I honor its life, its water. Each organism holds much wisdom from which we may choose to learn to listen and elevate.

2019: Moon-Wind Dance

This selection of work was inspired by dance and the moon. For 9 months, over fall and winter, I was in the New York City shelter system (after an illegal eviction) and I was not able to view the sunrise, sunset, or moon. I was also not able to make art within their framework (supplies and artwork stolen by shelter staff). I left the shelter system to sleep naturally, in the wind, under the moon and stars.

2018: Shaman

These wearable compositions are inspired by spirituality, tribes, and mysticism and created with found and wearable materials. I feel connection with that which does not speak as we do, I allow myself to hear the ancient beat of xylem just as a heart beats,. Hemoglobin possessing the same molecular structure as chlorophyll.

2017: Medallalitas de Brujitas

These designs are inspired by my Native American (Cherokee Paint Clan) and Mexican Heritage. Fancying myself as a natural, child-like witch, I made these trinkets to celebrate the innocence of magics learned by looking, listening, and the experience of struggle. Charms of a Little Witch

2011: Electroluminescence for Norma Kamali

I facilitated the soft circuitry component for her concept of Fashion in 3D. The concept that fashion is a multi-dimensional experience with depth, movement and of course fun is the impetus behind the Spring 2012 line. Norma edified this concept by showing her collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week via a 3D film in collaboration with award winning and animation film maker Jack Feldstein. The EL Wire garments were incorporated as the Neon Animation facet film. Her collection can viewed online, in her store, as a 3D browsing experience. To request a pair of NK Square Cat Glasses click here.

Contribution to this project was fun and exciting. I was honored to work with creators that possess the vision and wisdom it takes to harness multidisciplinary media in a meaningful way for personal experience. :) I would also like to send a special thanks to Avery Max for helping me finish the first iteration of garments under Fashion Week's tight deadline!