The Things We Say

Brief Reflections on Commonly Used Wisdom

The release of this book (and distribution of more than 350 copies) led a drive in which over  $17,000 in charitable donations  were made towards  a local affordable housing initiative that will provide the perpetual  full sponsorship of an affordable  housing unit shares in the Old Grace Housing Cooperative.   

Hard copies of the Things We Say are now only available by direct order through the author. It is also  available to borrow from The Winnipeg Public Library

Or just download it yourself.  Or you can get the Ebook version on a pay-as-you-wish basis. 

Contact the author by email at or by phone at 204-298-7859

Read more about Glenn Morison's collection of brief  commentaries or see some video and pictures from the launch in March 2018.

See  the Press release  or some newspaper coverage here and here

Book cover art by Bev Plett 

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