Quitting by R.L. Seaton   a novel by Glenn Morison 
Quit Smoking? Quit Drinking? Quit  Drugs?  

Read a Novel! Give your  head a shake!

"An incredible quest for meaning through quitting.   

  Intellectually challenging yet delightfully amusing.

   Provocative in every way imaginable!"

The original limited edition release of the book in the fall of 2008 (with three subsequent printings) netted the John Howard Society of Manitoba in excess of $7,500.00 to use towards their literacy initiatives in the Winnipeg Remand Centre.  

The text is now available through any major seller of Ebooks for only 99 cents!  Or you simply  contact the author and a copy from the 2013 print run will be sent to you with the hope you could respond with a donation in support of restorative justice.
If you live in Winnipeg and are interested in using the book for your book club then please contact the LibraryRev. Morison is available to meet with book clubs who read his book.  Listen to him on the radio.  Feel free to contact the author with any questions.
And for the really obscure, this book is also a tribute to the Texas Rangers as all the names, bar a few, are taken from former members of the franchise, dating back to the early sixties.
Pictures of the Launch