Why Build the Trail?

The Trail will CONNECT DuPage residents to RECREATION, BUSINESS, the ENVIRONMENT and their COMMUNITY.


The EBDRT will connect residents to amenities of the Glen Ellyn and Butterflied Park Districts. It will also link to the beautiful Morton Arboretum. By providing a safe walking/biking path, the EBDRT will promote health for DuPage County residents.


The EBDRT will connect to local businesses especially along Roosevelt Road and Butterfield Road. It will also allow residents better access to the shops in downtown areas along the Prairie Paths and Great Western Trails.


The EBDRT will provide a safe way for residents to access local businesses and amenities without using their cars. The EBDRT will reduce traffic and emissions.


The EBDRT will help you meet your neighbors! It will bring together people that a close in proximity but are divided by busy roads. Providing opportunities for residents to meet face to face builds strong community.