Volunteers Working Together

The Friends of the East Branch DuPage River Trail is an illinois not-for-profit organization.

Supporters of the East Branch DuPage River Trail (EBDRT) are community members advocating for the construction and funding of the EBDRT.

The advocacy work goes back to 2014 when one person wondered when the EBDRT would be finished, considering it had been "on the books" since the early 2000s as part of the Village of Glen Ellyn's Comprehensive Plan.

In October 2017, the Active Transportation Alliance helped connect people who wanted to work together on the project. The ATA also granted the group $250 of seed money to fund some advocacy activities and help build this website.

In 2018, a steering committee was organized by the DuPage County Department of Transportation consisting of staff from the organizations with jurisdiction in the areas where the planned trail is to be constructed and state agencies such as IDOT, and planning next steps. In December 2021, the County published notes from those steering committee meetings on its website, EBDRT.com.

Leaders : Friends of the East Branch DuPage River Trail

A few key volunteers agreed to serve as officers of the non-profit organization. These are:

    • Libby A'Hearne - Vice President

    • Steve Johnson - Vice President

    • Ginger Wheeler - President

Want to Join the Leaders Committee? Email or Text: 630-835-6959

Advisory Board

In January 2022 an all-volunteer advisory board was formed with plans to meet quarterly. Those willing to serve two-year terms include:

    • Karin Daly

    • Nicole DeJoris

    • Tim Elliott*

    • Sal Falbo

    • Beth Gorz

    • Belinda Mahon

    • Steve Miller

    • Kevin Wesling

    • Tim Whelan

    • Barry White

*Note as of February 2022, Mr. Elliott announced a run for public office. Mr. Elliott has been a long-time supporter of the EBDRT both as a private citizen and in his previous role as a DuPage County Board member. He will remain on our advisory board while he is a candidate. As an elected official, he would most likely need to resign, but could continue to attend meetings as a guest.

Want to apply to join the Advisory Board? Fill out this Application.

Volunteer Opportunities

As you can imagine, bringing awareness to people in a county with a population of 1 million residents without any budget is a challenge. If you'd like to help, here are things you can do:

  • Share on your social media: Tell your followers to visit EastBranchTrail.org

  • Download the flyer and a blank petition and canvas your neighbors

  • Offer to help with data input

  • Offer to start and manage a social media channel such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Pinterest on behalf of EBDRT advocacy (We already have a Facebook Group. If you're on Facebook, please join the group!)

  • Offer to contact and work with editors/writers of publications that might be interested in covering the story of the EBDRT.

  • Have other ideas? Let us know!

Want to Volunteer? Email or Text/Call: 630-835-6959