Tom is a history buff who Wikipedia'd "Last Common Ancestor" (prehistory).  Then, to keep track of all the civilizations from prehistory to the present, he revised John Sparks' histomap. Finally, with the goal of ensuring a future history, in 1987 he challenged the government’s nuclear strategy in this newspaper article.  His dad and mom were DIY historians too, maybe that's where he got his interest.


On a three-week adventure, Tom visited lots of ancient places in Turkey, and in 2022 took a great walk on the Camino de Santiago in Spain, where you can make more friends in four weeks than you can in four years anywhere else.

One day, one of his big economic ideas will get published.  The last time he put work ideas to civilian use, he was Santa Claus to the whole city of Houston - though almost no one has ever heard about it!

Some years back Tom wrote a how-to-play bridge pamphlet for his kids to enjoy while they were in college.  Currently, he plays golf with several groups, several times a week.  Here is a video of his swing.   Clearly this has not been his only retirement plan!  He is also customizing and maintaining his 1965 Ford Galaxie.