Joe Schmal      

When Joseph Schmal decides he wants something, he just goes after it, guns blazing.

One day he decided his accounting job was too boring so he signed up for Officer's Candidate School, graduated at the top of his class and served three tours of duty in the Middle East

When he decided to take on golf, Joe would practice by riding the city bus to the course, carrying his golf clubs with him

When Google Maps says "Two hours to destination," Joe steps on the gas, because what he hears, is a challenge.  

When his running group asked who could run 200 miles up and around Mt. St Helen's in 60 hours, Joe could not stop his hand from raising.  


Admittedly, not all of Joe's decisions have paid off.  But good decisions or bad, he steps up and owns them.  

His dad stands in awe of the apple that fell far from the tree.  A few reasons why:

Joe and Julie

These two soulmates fell in love on the trail.  Clearly smitten, they ran together, blogged together and bled together for over a year, finally tying the knot in 2017.

Teddy, Elle, Baby Ruth and Keira

Dedicated parents and their terrific kids round out the greatest family in San Antonio, Texas.