The Schmals of Houston

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This is the home page of the Tom Schmal & Family web site, a work-in-progress that will hopefully be finished in 2024.

How it all started: Bridget was working at the bank where Tom, now in the tenth year of his bachelorhood, reported his lost credit card.  She took a personal interest in the case and a year later they were Tom & Bridget Schmal. 

Here, you can read about their kids, Joe, Tommy and Jody Schmal, who were the best children - and are the best adults - that any parent could hope for, bar none! 

        I love this family picture, from Tulum, Mexico

An Air Force brat, Tom moved from town to town in his childhood.  As his mom and dad traveled, the siblings - Mollie, Tom, Laura, Robbie, Anita, Jim, and Nancy - would stay behind, resulting in family all over the USA.  His parents were keen on education, the Catholic church, manners and family - with the latter emphasis especially successful because we all still keep up to date with mail and reunions and with what everyone and their kids and grandkids are doing.

After high school, Tom joined the Marine Corps for an adventure in Vietnam.  There, he fought in the battle of Dong Ha and enjoyed several visits with his dad, who was in Vietnam at the same time.  

Wearing the shamrock Mom sent me for St. Patrick's day, 1968

With an economics degree from Illinois State, Tom landed a great job with Texas Eastern, a gas pipeline company in Houston.  The company changed hands several times but Tom stayed with it, finally retiring with the biggest and best retirement parties ever. 

One of his big accomplishments at the company was crafting a rate case that lasted a record 25 years.  Another was making so many good friends, many of whom he still keeps up with, for texting, golf and lunch.

Good family, good work, good friends...  What a good life. You will be able to read all about it here as links get added.