The Page

at PCS

By Students,

For Students

Meet The Page Club! This is a digital club made by a team of expert students that are from 6th to 8th grade. The PAGE - by students, for students!

We train students in the art of writing, web design, art, photography, videography, and coding. Come join us for one of our workshops soon!

Meet your webmasters main crew:

Annie M., Kaden F., Maxwell B., Emma R., Chase E., Christopher S., Kenneth M.

When you've worked hard, you celebrate your accomplishments. We worked hard to design this website for you, so pardon our goofy celebration photo!

The PAGE Club is open to any 6th-8th grade student who wants to learn more about digital journalism, photography, digital art, web design, and coding. We include approximately 65 students through our workshops and activities throughout the year. Not all students submit work to be published on this site, but all are welcome. We hope you enjoy our work!