Hallmaster Tuition Videos

As part of our aim to assist our customers in any way we can, we have created a series of short videos to inform you about our Hallmaster Booking System. The series aims to guide you – our valued customers – through the various aspects of the System. For those new to Hallmaster we suggest you view each video in order. More experienced users may wish to be selective in their viewing though we feel confident everyone will gain something from these videos.

Each of the four videos is in M-PEG 4 format and will play on most devices (including Desktop & Laptop Computers, Tablets and Smart Phones- especially those with larger screens). The videos should be viewed in Landscape Format, and with the Sound turned ON.

Please CLICK on the link associated with each video to view it.

Video 1 - Registration.mp4

VIDEO 1 – Making a New Registration Duration: - 5:19

This video will show a new customer how to Register on the Hallmaster Booking System. All customers MUST be registered to be able to use the System.

Topics covered include: -

    • How to access Hallmaster from the Old School Website
    • How to use the Weekly Diary
    • How to select a Room and Date to make a Booking
    • How to complete a New Customer Registration Form
Video 2 - Making a Single Booking.mp4

VIDEO 2 – Making a Single Booking Duration: - 10:11

This video follows on from Video 1 and will show new and existing customers how to make a single booking.

Topics covered include: -

    • How to access Hallmaster from the Old School Website – aimed at existing customers
    • How to find and use the “Request Booking” form for a Single Booking
    • How Hallmaster and the Administration Team at the Old School will respond to a Request Booking.
Video 3 - Planning and Making a Recurring Booking.mp4

VIDEO 3 – Planning and Making a Recurring Booking Duration: - 11:8

This video follows on from Video 2 and assumes that viewers have some familiarity with the “Request Booking” form on Hallmaster. It is aimed at those customers making a series of bookings for several weeks, months or years ahead.

Topics covered include: -

    • Obtaining future Calendars from websites – one site is suggested
    • Planning a series of bookings using a Calendar
    • Some revision of the Request Booking Form from Hallmaster
    • Use of the “Recurring Booking” button on Hallmaster and using the “Remove” button to delete unrequired dates during the booking process.

Video 4 - View Bookings Invoices and Payments.mp4

VIDEO 4 – Viewing your Bookings, Invoices and Payments Duration: - 10:24

This video is aimed at experienced users of Hallmaster and aims to show how they can access most aspects of the Hallmaster Booking System.

Topics covered include: -

    • A “tour” of the various buttons on the “Dashboard” page of Hallmaster
    • How to Select and Search your Bookings and Invoices.
    • How to View and Print your Bookings in Simplified and Comprehensive Formats
    • How to Sort/View, Download/Print your Invoices and pay your Invoices with PayPal or Bank Card (NB – This method of payment may not be used by Sully – U3A Customers)