Praise for the Book

"From the first time I spoke with Debashish, I was amazed by his knowledge and passion for engagement. That’s why I invited him to judge The Lotus Awards. Engaging with Millennials will be one of the biggest challenges businesses face we are lucky that Debashish has shared his extensive research to help make this easier for us all."

James Murphy FRSA

Founder, Engage International Ltd. U.K.

(The Lotus Awards)

"This book is an exhaustive overview of a dilemma facing every organisation on the planet – how to motive and retain generation Y employees and consumers. The young entering the workforce today bring new and exciting skills that open up new possibilities for organisations and by 2030 generation Y staff will account for two/thirds of all employees in the global workforce.

However, this generation is unlike any other having grown up in an age of technology, greater access to education and a much freer lifestyle which fosters different motivators, needs and priorities than previous generations. These new motivators are at odds with what employers have traditionally expected.

Dr Sengupta skilfully explores this nexus in greater depth than most other research available. Moreover he goes further by giving step by step guides to winning over millennial staff and consumers—something not covered in any other research that comes to mind. This book is essential for leaders of organisations, talent acquisition and management staff as well as sales and marketing experts trying to reverse declining sales trends. This book must be on your desk!"

Dr. Bernard O'Meara PhD.

Marquis Who's Who since 2009, Australia

"The authors work is an insightful treatise on a contemporary reality which has started impacting many a social and business landscape globally. One can experience the painstaking research effort and the authentic enquiry adopted by Debashish as we immerse in its thought provoking and gripping content. The book is rich with facts and feelings ascribed to this section aptly called now as the most disruptive population to inhabit the world. It makes the much needed and timely contribution to the global imperative of millennial engagement not just within organisations and workplaces but in the burgeoning social and formal market place as consumers of products & services. In fact Millennials are becoming the biggest spending generation but many corporates fail to tap into their buying power because of not just ineffective marketing strategies but in failing to realise that they are a unique lot with some distinctive characteristics. A classic contribution has been made by the author to guide Organisations and professionals discover practical ways to engage Millennials through some revealing behavioural insights and work place culture design strategies. It indeed enables crucial paradigm shifts by uncovering the truth behind some myths and misconnects about millennials. This is not just a nice to know content but a serious read to shape and sharpen our competitive edge and to ensure sustainability for the present and future."


Learning &Development Adviser, Executive coach & Corporate Mentor -UAE

Head-Mashreq Learning Systems –Mashreq Bank, Dubai

"Rapid advancement of science and technology have greatly enhanced our understanding of the universe. This book delves deep into the universe of the human mind with generation Y at its core. Rapid pace of change has the potential to widen the disconnect between generations in various spheres of life disturbing peace at personal and societal level. Understanding, as rightly pointed out by the author, is a pre-requisite for effective and fruitful engagement across generations. Rarely do we come across a book like this. Usefulness of this book extends far beyond workplace and marketplace. It will change the way we look at the youth in general and millennials in particular."

Dr. Jeethendra Shetty

Deputy Director (Administration), Dept. of Youth Empowerment and Sports

Government of Karnataka

"This is the book I have been waiting for, as an employer. The importance of this subject is widely known, but mostly spoken with individual perceptions. This book help us to understand about Millennials while defining the workplace, policies, and practices, taking in to account by 2020 half of the population in India will be below 25 years of age. This book helps the Millennials to know, how they are perceived with clear analysis for them to integrate with society. Congratulating Dr.Debashish for this book."

Ramesh Sampath

Country HR Director, Valeo India Private Limited

"All the new generations, in my opinion, always felt that they were one step ahead when compared with their predecessors. And, obviously, the “previous generation “thought the opposite and bemoaned the watering down of values, work ethics etc. But, in the current scenario of baton handover to the “millennials” we are witnessing an upheaval which are still being probed into and many do not have clues as yet. While , we , in the pre millennial generation are learning to grudgingly accept the sweeping changes brought about by technology, social media, human relationships etc., somewhere there is a disconnect when we approach the “ millennial” human factor which is a product of these new waves. This book aims at unravelling that mystery and suggest to us the way forward. Must read."

Kumar Krishnaswamy

Group Head- Human Resources, Medwell Ventures

"Dr. Debashish has written a must-read primer for organisations to reach out, understand and engage with millennials. "Life of Y" is a well-researched, timely publication that will help build a bridge between organisations & Gen-Y to better the quality of engagement."

K. Sivakumar

Co-founder & CEO, Saluto Wellness Private Limited

"Millennial puzzle is a global challenge today. There is certainly a sense of excitement as millennials populate workplaces, marketplaces and become more dominant players in the society. However there is also a sense of uncertainty as to how to engage them, aggravated by the wide-spread myths that prevail about this generation. This book not only spectacularly busts those myths, but introduces us to the ‘real’ millennial as never before. Actual life narrative accounts of millennials makes it even more lively and gripping. A must read for everyone, including millennials themselves!"

Ranjini Manian

Founder Global Adjustments