Dr. Debashish Sengupta

Dr. Debashish Sengupta, a dual Ph.D, completed his Ph D in Management from Central University of Nicaragua (UCN) AND Azteca University, Mexico. He holds certificates in ‘Social Psychology’ and ‘Leadership Development’ from Wesleyan University, US and Japan Management Association, respectively.

His latest book The Life of Y’ – Engaging Millennials as Employees and Consumers (Sage, 2017) has already become an Amazon bestseller. The foreword for this book has been written by Marshall Goldsmith and Kiran Mazumdar Shaw. Dr Sengupta is also the co-author of the Crossword Bestseller and KPMG cited book, Employee Engagement (Wiley, 2011). He has authored five other acclaimed books.

His research papers have been published in leading international journals. He is a featured Judge at Engage International, a U.K. based global engagement consulting firm, for the Blue Lotus Award – given every year to companies with best engagement practices. Recently he was featured globally as the ‘author of the week’ by PM World Journal, USA to honour his research contributions. He occasionally writes for reputed business media publications. His strategic and practical insights guide leaders of large and small organizations worldwide, through his teaching, writing, and direct consultation to major corporations and governments. He is a consultant and business advisor to various Indian and multinational companies. His training program on millennial employee engagement have been utilized by various international corporations like Mashreq Bank, UAE, Engage International, U.K. to name a few.

Dr Sengupta is a frequent speaker at various business forums. He is currently Professor of HR and Strategy at Alliance School of Business and Program Director of Alliance Ascent College, Alliance University. He has been a visiting faculty at GCBS, Royal University of Bhutan. He has also taught in various international exchange programs and his diverse interactions with students from India, US, Europe and Far East find reflections in his work on millennials.

LinkedIn: https://in.linkedin.com/in/dr-debashish-sengupta-39abab13

Twitter: @d_sengupta @employeeengage1