Endorsement by Syed Kirmani

Syed M. H. Kirmani

Cricketing Legend (Represented India 1971-1986)

Padma Shri (1982), Arjuna Award (1982)

Awarded Best Wicket Keeper in the World during historic first world cup win by India (1983)

Author with Syed Kirmani

"On-the-pitch or off the pitch, millennials with their sheer number and presence rule the roost. They represent the youth of today full with energy, enthusiasm and potential. They need to engaged better, their boundless energies need to channelized, but first they need to be heard and understood. Unfortunately we see a lot of rough edges between the previous generations and millennials, whether in cricket or outside, mostly owing to misunderstandings. The result is often counterproductive for organizations and societies, the cricket equivalent of caught-behind or stumped. This book is a one of its’ kind that I have come across that not only allays the myths about the generation Y but also comes out with very clear and practical strategies to engage them. A sure Sixer! I wish the book and the author all success."