Events & Commissions

The Keepers Artist Collective are actively involved in various projects based in Southampton and the surrounding area. Listed below are some recent events and associated publicity.

The Harbour lights Virtual expo

In the face of the Covid-19 emergency, our exhibition had been cancelled at the HarbourLights cinema exhibition space in Southampton . We would like to invite you to look at a the Artworks we were planning to exhibit at this event.

View the video tour

keepers artists exhibition in Southampton

The keepers art exhibition at Harbour lights cinema, Southampton

The Keepers at Flourish Space at the Marlands

The Keepers will be making a public appearance during the latter part of January in central Southampton. They will be at the Marlands shopping centre for a few days sharing space at Flourish, which is a group that connects businesses, community groups and people together. Some artists from the Keepers will be on hand creating artwork in the space, and the public are encouraged to come in, view and ask any questions. Flourish is located on the ground floor, quite near to the Disney shop and Asda exit. The Keepers will be there from the Thursday 30th January through to Monday 3rd February. We thank Flourish and the Marlands in advance for the invitation.

Flourish space, Marlands Shopping centre in Southampton, Civic Centre Rd, SO14 7SJ. Thursday 30th January - Monday 3rd February

More about Flourish

Leo Deville's Display Rockaway Park

In September, Keepers Artist Leo Deville exhibited her work at the amazing Rockaway Park venue, at Templecloud, near to the Mendip Hills (BS39 5BU).

Rockaway Park is home to an ever expanding community of diverse and interdependent talents. At the core of their disused quarry is a belief that collaboration and collectivism, sharing work, vision and ideas are how all great creations take hold and manifest.

More about Leo Deville

More about Rockaway Park

2019 Talent Development bursary scheme

We are excited to announce that Keepers Jacqueline Rolls and Kye Wilson are two of the recipients of the Aspace's 2019 Talent Development bursary scheme.

They will embark on a six month project which will develop their practice or career.

PYLON is a mixed media video installation.

PYLON is a mixed media video installation that deals with the topic of Psychosis or precisely Schizophrenia

5 – 10 September 2019 A-side B-side Gallery, London

“Due to negative press many people have a misunderstanding of Schizophrenia. My new installation PYLON is based on a truthful representation of an acute episode of Psychosis, offering audiences a realistic experience of what it is like to live with this mental health condition.”

Find more about James Paddock's work

Look twice artists exhibition

Keeper Artist Kate Thelwell is currently taking part in a unique collection of art inspired by the local area.

She will be exhibiting at Exbury throughout the summer with 11 other artists drawing their inspiration from the the New Forest, local beaches and harbours, as well as well-known landmarks including our very own Exbury Gardens.

Find more about Kate Thelwell's work

Local exhibition at Cafe Naked in Southampton.

We were kindly invited to exhibit our paintings at a local cafe in Southampton. Featuring guest artists Sarah Maccario (abstract painting) and Geof Rey (Modigliani portrait )

Unity 101 Carboard sculptures by David McDiarmid

Camels and a Pelican?! In Southampton?!

David McDiarmid has been creating - for the past few weeks - a mother camel, a baby boy camel, and a gender neutral pelican, while using only cardboard. Many of the Unity 101 presenters have enjoyed talking to David while he's been creating these wonderful works of art. During this period, we've asked everyone to give the mother camel a name, and the baby camel boy a name. Now, we have the addition of our wonderful pelican.

david mc diarmid sculptures

Southampton Day of Art Exhibition at the Spark Southampton Solent University

The Accessible Art Show – Hampshire

Live Exhibition – 23 March 2019 – Southampton

Online Auction

Starts 1 March 2019 Ends 5pm, 23 March 2019

The Accessible Art Show will showcase up to 50 local Hampshire artists, displaying over 300 pieces of original artwork. Combining an art exhibition, art fair and gallery with an online auction. By providing opportunities for artists and showcasing their talents, visitors to the city will be able to enjoy a diverse range of art and activities throughout the day. Families will be encouraged to take part in creative, artist-led drop-in sessions to draw, paint and make together. Immersive experiences, public displays, exhibitions, performances, workshops, activities. The Accessible Art Show’s auction will enable everyone to interact with the Day of Art and maybe pick up a future masterpiece.

day of art in southampton
the accessible art show
david mc diarmid exhibition
sarah maccario painting
the spark solent university

An Ensemble of Keepers artists exhibition

On the 2nd floor of the Marlands shopping centre in Southampton.

keepers show in the marlands southampton
david mc diarmid painting
southampton art exhibition
kate thelwell paintings
Jaxart willow weaving southampton

Sarah Maccario at the Solent Showcase gallery.

Sarah and her display at the Showcase Gallery at Solent Uni for the current exhibition MAKE YOUR MARK. Sarah presents her work Southampton A to Z and 3 semi abstract paintings.

Kye Wilson Shares his success Story

Kye Wilson is an award-winning visual artist and film-maker who uses moving image to create films, video art and installations, including multi-disciplinary, site-specific, and live artworks. His works have been performed, exhibited and screened nationally and internationally.

Read his interview on the Creative Space Website

Kye Wilson is a southampton artist

Jo Bressloff at the Solent Showcase gallery.

Congratulations to Jo for her display at the Showcase Gallery at Solent Uni for the current exhibition MAKE YOUR MARK. She installed her stitched, tactile map of Old Southampton Cemetery.

jo bressloff artist
art by jo bressloff
jo bressloff the keepers artists
art by jo bressloff in southampton

Exhibition at the D'@rt centre.

Some of the keepers , are exhibiting at the d'@rt art centre in Hedge End

Keepers exhibition at the D'@rt art centre Hedge End near Southampton
Visitor at the Keepers Show in Hedge End
James Paddock Artist and guest at the Keepers Show
Kye Wilson video Artist
the keepers artists group at the D'@rt centre in Hedge End
jo bressloff artist based in Southampton

Martin Davey: Paintings

Martin Davey's paintings are currently showcased at the Keepers Studios. Come and have a look at his paintings (4-3 East Street, below Bar, Southampton)

Martin Davey Art works southampton
Martin Davey painting of southampton docks
Martin Davey is a landscape painter based in Southampton
beautiful painting of Bank in London by M.Davey
Painting of the National gallery in London by Martin Davey

Monocular View by Kye Wilson

“Meditation on the tension between past [and] present.” Paul Young, Art Cinema.

Monocular View sees artist Kye Wilson responding to the unique character of Fort Brockhurst, using time-based media to create a new immersive site-specific video installation. Re-contextualising the forts’ history he will offer audiences an embodied experience, blurring the distinctions between time, place, self and other. Monocular View was inspired by the imagined views looking out from the fort (‘field of fire’ defence positions, now overgrown) combined with those looking into the fort (from the perspective of an invading enemy). Each viewpoint slowly dissolves into an oppositional one, achieving a sense of “continuous present”, the feeling of experiencing the present moment unfolding and disappearing. Monocular View has been commissioned by Space Interrupted. Space Interrupted is generously supported by Arts Council England and partners English Heritage and aspex gallery Portsmouth.

Full length version:

image credits: Monocular View (landscape version), still from film © Kye Wilson; Monocular View (landscape version), stills sequence from film © Kye Wilson weblink/credits:

David Mc Darmid Latest exhibition

the ArtNumber23 gallery in London

The Keepers Gallery 's new display by Jaxart

Jacqueline is versatile "willow" sculptor and can often be found out in the community demonstrating her craft and sharing her skills with others. Jaxart website

The Keepers on Portland Street

David Mc Darmuid's Carboard Hypogriff at the Portland Street Project by the Mutrend group

The Keepers new Gallery in Southampton

We are delighted to invite you to our new gallery and studio space on east street in Southampton. We are hoping to organise events and exhibition and help promote the Arts in the town centre.

Mark Ullah-Khan at Vinilo Soutampton

The latest flamboyant exhibition from Mark 'Genesis' Khan, at Vinilo record store 55 Queensway, Southampton.

Rosewood Free School commission

JMasson worked as Artist and designer in a collaboration with the Tract and Touch organisation, to create a multimedia installation developing innovative ways of teaching and learning for Rosewood Free School in Southampton, (Photography by Joe Low)

Mark Ullah-Khan at Pallant house in Chichester

Great News! After his successful trip to the Outsider art fair in Paris in October , Mark has recently presented his work and reading extract of his poems at the latest Outside In meeting day at Pallant House in Chichester. He was invited to take part in a group exhibition at Sotheby's in the new year. More Information about Mark's work and Outside in can be found on his website.

Umbrella Festival

Southampton was host to an art and music festival during summer 2017. It was named as the 'Umbrella Arts Festival', and was held on the 10th June in Palmerston Park, one of the central parks within the City.

Three members of the 'Keepers' took part; Jacqueline Rolls, Sarah Maccario and Martin Davey. The artists took up residence for the day on a plot within the festival, using a gazebo kindly supplied by Jacqueline, and under which various pieces of artwork, cards and prints were offered for sale. The weather was kind and the turnout good, with the public dropping in for a chat. The event was supported by Big Lottery and SoCo Music Project, working with local partners from the area, and explored how music and the arts can have a transformative effect on our health and well-being, by the public taking part in a range of activities.

keepers tent Southampton Umbrella festival 2017

Keepers tent at the 2017 Umbrella Festival

Umbrella festival keepers tent Southampton

Interior of the tent with some of the Keepers art displayed

Johnny V exhibition

At the square Peg Community centre in Gosport , Aug 2017

Johnny V's is Gosport's first vegan cafe. They offer a range of great food and drink that happens to be animal free. They always try and use local organic ingredients.

They are based at the Square pegs charity a small KCC registered provision offering a variety of childcare and educational service for children with social communication and behaviour difficulties, autistic spectrum disorders/aspergers.

check out their website -

Artwork Johnny V exhibition Hampshire Mark Ullah-Khan

Artwork by Keeper artist Mark Ullah-Khan on display at the Johnny V cafe, Gosport

Mark Ullah-Khan paintings
Mark Ullah-Khan artwork

GAF centre Arts and Heritage Centre

During the summer, four 'Keepers', had an art exhibition at the Bursledon GAF centre, on the outskirts of Southampton. It ran from Saturday 15th July, which was a private view, through to the 11th of August, 2017. The artists exhibiting were Martin Davey, Sarah Maccario, Jacqueline Rolls, and Kate Thelwell. Some additional work was contributed by Kate's father, David Thelwell. Jacqueline was largely responsible for creating and organising the successful exhibition, held in the unique hall dating from the 18th century. Thanks goes to the members of GAF, and the local Bursledon community, for helping to make the exhibition a reality.

Keeper artists at GAF hampshire 2017

Keeper artists at GAF: Sarah Maccario, Kate Thelwell, Jacqueline Rolls, and Martin Davey,

paintings by keepers artist collective GAF

Some of the Keepers art on display at GAF

art from Keepers Southampton artists
GAF hampshire art keepers poster

Poster/ flyer for the Keepers GAF exhibition 2017, Hampshire

Henson pigs commission

A number of pig sculptures appeared at the 'Keepers' studio during April 2017. The Keepers Artist Collective were able to accommodate in the working space, these 'guests' for a month, while worked on by guest artist Martin Davey, who was not a Keeper at the time. The pigs were to be painted to three different designs, and displayed in the summer of 2017 on the streets of Gloucestershire, situated in West England, on their 'Henson Trail' public art project. The pigs took approximately 6 weeks to prepare, using acrylic paint, with the initial designs created in Photoshop the previous year.

M davey unpainted henson pigs

Unpainted fiberglass pigs after delivery at the Keepers Artist Collective studio space

keepers Southampton pigs artwork

Finished Henson pigs by Keeper artist Martin Davey

henson pigs at Keepers artist collective studio
davey Henson pigs art part painted

The Steak of the Art Southampton commission

During August some of the Keepers worked on a project with the 'Steak of the Art' restaurant at Ocean village, Southampton. The keepers were in charge of the project and came up with a simple yet colourful concept to be applied to wooden planters situated within the outdoor seating area of the restaurant. Each one was primed and then painted in a limited palette with a similar design, using enamel paint. One of the planters also featured the logo of the restaurant. The painted planters provide a welcome and cheerful relief to the 'hard' materials in the area and will delight those using the facilities.

steack of the art Keepers planter art Julian masson

Restaurant logo as applied to painted planters

Finished planters artwork by the Keepers

Keepers artist at SOTA southampton

Keepers Julian Masson, Mark Ullah-Khan and Sarah Maccario at work

BBC 'Upstart Crow' title/ insert artwork

During 2017 martin was commissioned to produce further drawings to be used within the BBC comedy series 'Upstart Crow', staring David Mitchell and written by Ben Elton. He had worked on the first series with director/ animator Kate Sullivan, and this commission was for a second series and Christmas special, due for late 2017. The drawings are drawn directly in Photoshop and exported in to After Effects for animation, after which they are used within the titles (beginning and end) as well as scene setting (locations) inserted in to the edit. The artwork is based on Tudor woodcuts and it was important to make them look 'wrong and funny' . Most of the subjects were buildings and landscapes, as well as people, animals and objects.

art by Martin davey BBC upstart crow

A small selection of drawings produced for the BBC 'Upstart Crow' series

Equality exhibition at Dukes Keep, Southampton

This exhibition aims to cover the history of equality in the UK.

It is one of several modules covering the 9 strands of equality as defined by the equality act 2010.

The Equality exhibition is travelling to several sites through the UK, unfolding the challenges faced by ordinary individuals. As different equality strands are introduced in the exhibition at different stages, it allows to re-evaluate the moments in history that caught the attention of the world.

The individuals featured have gone down in history as heroes who have sown the seed of equality, the results of which society is reaping today. They challenged opponents, changed systems and worked towards bringing equality of opportunity for all. Their strength to fight gave freedom to those enslaved, hope to the poor, and peace to those suffering in silence. In addition, opportunity to those oppressed in society, and continuous empowerment to those who are still fighting for equality for all mankind.

This exhibition helps to inform, educate and provides a valuable insight into the determination and perseverance displayed by these activists. The exhibition at Dukes Keep offers a remarkable journey into history that celebrates and captures the work of many truly extraordinary heroes.

The Equality Act came into force on 1 Oct 2010 and brings together over 116 separate pieces of legislation into one single Act.

Combined, they make up a new Act that provides a legal framework to protect the rights of individuals and advance equality of opportunity for all.

For further information please visit: