Volunteering and Medical Missions at The Damien House

The Damien House may rely on donations to stay open and to continue with their Hansen’s Disease research, but they also rely on volunteer support. Sister Annie is always looking for volunteers and Medical Missions to help at Damien House. She has connections with the “Rostro de Cristo” program that is offered at Boston College. In addition, Sister Annie works with the Ecuadorian immigration office to organize and allow medical and volunteer missions at the Damien House. During the summer, Sister Annie usually welcomes weekly groups from the United States. Sister Annie also has a network of Ecuadorian volunteers throughout the Guayaquil region to help at the foundation and to bring people who need help in from the countryside.

Several "Rostro de Cristo" volunteers playing dominoes with residents.

American Volunteers Anya and Aidan with Ecuadorian volunteers Genesis and Bernardo.

(from left to right)

A farewell gathering to say goodbye to a week long medical mission at the Damien House.

Volunteers and residents at the Damien House celebrate volunteer Harry's birthday.

A great example of a medical mission is Dr. Jim Wilton's annual mission to the Damien House. Dr. Wilton has been going to the Damien House at least once a year since 2002. Dr. Wilton and his team of other doctors and nurses perform dozens of surgeries every trip. Although his missions are primarily surgery focused, Dr. Wilton also organizes small groups that solely assist Sister Annie with projects at the Damien House. His missions have been a blessing for the Damien House and it's residents.

Sister Annie, Dr. Jim Wilton, an assisting doctor, Damien House patient, and Dr. Shannon Wilton.

(left to right)