Welcome to

the Damien House

Located in Guayaquil, Ecuador, Damien House is a residential hospital servicing those afflicted by Hansen’s Disease (Leprosy). They provide care to approximately 30 in-house residents, and offer free medical care to over 700 outpatients. Beyond medical care, Damien House strives to eliminate the stigma of Leprosy through educational outreach. Due to complications of the disease, Damien House residents are unable to live on their own. Unfortunately, the stigma of the disease also hinders the residents from returning to their own homes.

Damien House operates solely on the generosity of private donations. We invite you to join the Damien House team! The success of Damien House in reaching more Hansen’s patients has brought the opportunity to restore more lives to fullness. Now we are daring to dream of the day when no Hansen's patient in Ecuador goes untreated. Will you partner with us in accomplishing these goals?

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