About us

The Damien House is a residential hospital that has over 30 permanent patients with leprosy and they treat over 700 out-patients. The Damien House provides quality medical care, dental care, physical and occupational therapy, sanitary services, medication, and three well-balanced hot meals every day with the help of donations. Also, the Damien House provides those who have been treated with services that find work, secure work, and participate in community activities to ease them into their return to living full lives. The Damien House extends its services beyond the walls of the hospital. The staff regularly visits Guayaquil, Ecuador, and remote villages outside of Guayaquil to provide public education about leprosy and its causes, curability, and to spread optimism for its eventual elimination.

The Damien House used to be the Hansen's disease wing of the Hospital of Infectious Diseases. Recently, Sister Annie was able to separate the Damien House from the hospital. Because they are now independent, they now have the final say in treatment, which means no-one will ever be asked to leave. Also, being independent means an increase in expenses because of the increase in utility bills but the Damien House is happy to pay for to make sure every patient receives the best possible care. The Damien House needs donations to continue their care of the patients and to keep open.

Damien House, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 organization; your gift is tax-deductible.

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One of several common areas at the Damien House

The dining room in the women's wing of the Damien House.