Adopt a Resident

At 98, Fortunato is the oldest patient at Damien House. He has been a resident since 2002 and considers himself blessed to live in a place where he is loved and cared for. He savors a good conversation with anyone he meets, and at 98, he has so much to share! To keep his mind sharp, he makes beautiful hammocks from multi-colored cords which are sold in the small gift shop at Damien House. This is his way to share his "hammock-making" talents with others while helping to do his part in supporting the Damien House.

Segundo is one of the most playful patients here at Damien House. Despite being 25 years her elder, he refers to Sr. Annie as "his mother". Segundo has been living at the Damien House since 2007 and enjoys kidding around with all the volunteers and staff. Don't be surprised to be jokingly called "el niño" by Segundo as you push his wheelchair! If you are in need of a warm smile and good spirits, Segundo will be happy to share his with you.

Natividad is a "Damien House sweetheart". She has lived there for two years and absolutely loves it. In December 2017 she will turn 96 years young! Ask Natividad what makes her happy, and she will immediately tell you that it is spending time with her family. Her joy is contagious; you simply can't help but smile when you're talking to her.

Ramone turned 83 in 2017, and although 20 of those years have been spent living at the Damien House, he considers it the only true home he has ever had. Once an avid dancer, Hansen's disease now prevents him from engaging in this pass time that used to bring him so much joy. In place of dancing, Ramone has now developed a passion for dominos, a well-loved game at the Damien House. Nowadays, you will likely find him playing this popular South American game with fellow residents; and he's a very good at it! Although he misses seeing his wife and children who can seldom visit, he is very grateful to Sr. Annie and Damien House for providing him with a safe and loving home.

Damien House has been home to Cesareo for 25 years. He has found much joy living at Damien House and believes God has blessed him with this home and for the kind people who care for him there. He is particularly grateful for the benefactors who have supported the Damien House for so many years. At 85 years-old, Cesareo finds peace and satisfaction from the very simple things in life; eating a good meal, conversing with visitors, and playing a game of dominos.

Juan is one of the friendliest residents here at Damien House. He is 86 years old and although he isn't sure when his birthday is, he enjoys celebrating at any given time during the year. He has been here at the foundation for 24 years and loves to live here particularly because it affords him the opportunity to be social and talk to all kinds of people. Juan’s family rarely visits, so he has come to know everyone here at the foundation as his family. He loves the parties Sr. Annie throws here for all of the holidays. Juan wants to live in New York one day, own 20 houses, and drive a nice car.

Esther is one of the kindest residents here at Damien House. She is 68 years old and her birthday is in August. She has been here at the foundation for 20 years and loves it here and considers the foundation her home and the residents and the staff her family. She spends some of her time with her favorite four-legged friends, cats. She puts together the cats' favorite treats, gives them lots of affection, and cuddles them while they purr. Esther loves to cook, read the bible, make beautiful crafts, exercise, and talk with visitors because her family rarely visits her. She enjoys music to relax and sing along. What better way to spend time enjoying Sr Annie's wonderful parties.

Carlos is one of the most grateful patients here at Damien House. He is 67 years old and his birthday is in October. He’s been here at the foundation for over 20 years and, while he’s not able to participate in all of the foundation’s activities, he always tries to do what he can. His smile tells you that he is a great fan of all that is going on. To pass the time, Carlos likes to exercise with the help of his doctor. Exercising is a lot of work, but his willingness tells you that he wants to feel good. He also watches his friends at the foundation play dominos since he cannot himself. He loves to predict who he thinks will win in the next game Carlos is very grateful to Sr. Annie and the foundation for providing him with everything he needs, from basic needs like food and clothing to more spiritual needs such as kindness and love.

Sonia is 70 years old. Her birthday is in December - a beautiful time to celebrate. She has been at the Damien House for 13 years. She loves to cook! Many can smell the delicious recipes that are put together by her, that she can share with the other residents. Sharing her love for cooking, she also loves to give instruction should someone be interested. Her love for cooking shows in her love for food. Sonia also spends time doing crafts, that she can share with others as gifts. She is extremely grateful for the generosity that is shared by the volunteers. She is blessed by her relationship with Sr. Annie.

Alcides is one of the best domino players here at Damien House. He is 93 years old and his birthday is in October. He’s been here for 14 years and loves it here. He loves to make hammocks. Working hard with his hands and fingers, he is able to braid the tie the rope to make a comfortable spot for others to rest. Playing Dominos is a great way to pass the time. He is always up for a game. He also loves to talk with his son(s), who visit him almost every week and frequently talk to him on the phone. When family visits, he enjoys going for small walks outside around the Damien House. It is a great time to catch up on family news and events.

Leon is one of the fastest hammock makers here at Damien House. He is 82 years old and his birthday is in May. He’s been here for 37 years and he is extremely grateful for the support of the foundation. Leon says, referring to Sr. Annie, that, “God gave us an angel” who is the “reason we’re alive.” Leon is a double amputee, and has lost both of his legs within the last 5 years. Now, to pass the time, Leon likes to make hammocks. He will make a hammock while he sits on one that he has already completed. He also enjoys painting on the walls and trees, bringing vibrant colors to catch everyone's eye. Playing dominos keeps him active and keeps his competitive skills up .

Raul is one of the quietest residents here at Damien House. He is 75 years old and his birthday is in August. He has been here with us at the foundation for 28 years. Unfortunately, due to the effect Hansen’s disease has had on his hands, Raul cannot participate in many of the activities around the foundation. Although his life is very simple, he enjoys conversing with the other residents and watching them at their activities. The residents are happy to include him. With sadness he cannot remember his family, so the foundation’s staff and residents have become his family. Raul thinks of the foundation as a blessing from God. He especially loves the food!

Gilberto is one of the most outgoing residents here at Damien House. He is 68 years old and has been here for 13 years. Gilberto is married and has two sons, one of which is also married. He is not visited in the foundation very often, but he likes to go out to visit with his family. He is able to take some time to leave the Damien House to visit others. He also likes to make hammocks and bags out of string. Gilberto is extremely grateful to the foundation and to Sr. Annie for her incredible support over the last 13 years. He says that the amazing work Sr. Annie does to provide the health care he needs and the volunteers he sees would not be possible without the help of God, and he is sure Sr. Annie would agree with him! The volunteers have been a great encouragement to him and his outlook for daily living.

Carlos Mite is 47 years old and has been at the Damien House since he was 7. Carlos was found to have white spots on his arms. He visited the Damien House for help and treatment, but unfortunately, there was no medical care or medicine available to help him 40 years ago. Carlos is known for the wooden crosses he makes of various sizes. His interest was sparked when Sr. Annie brought a cross home to him after she traveled away. The crosses are cut and then wood burning designs are applied. He finishes them by applying a finish to seal them. Carlos also works as a security guard to help in the safety of the Damien House. He is saving his money so that he may someday take a trip.

Manuel has been living at the Damien House facility longer than any other resident. His time here actually pre-dates the Damien House, having lived here for a time when the facility was part of a government run hospital. At 87, Manuel has called this place home for the last forty years. During that time, Manuel has been fortunate to witness how the Damien House has done so much to improve the lives of its residents. Due to the limiting effects of Hansen's disease, the residents often find peace and joy by doing very simple things. Manuel finds his contentment in keeping the area around his bedroom neat and clean, and eating a good meal. But he is happiest when his family comes to visit him each month. He is grateful to God for Sister Annie, the Damien House and all its benefactors.

Franciso feels much better now that he has been able to receive medicine from the Damien House He is 57 years old, and had lived there for 5 years. He is blessed with family that is able to visit him twice a month. He enjoys their visits! He loves to keep up on news events, both current and past as he reads any and all newspapers available to him. He enjoys listening to music. The tunes keep his spirits up as he sings along with the lyrics. He is grateful for all that the Damien House has done for him, especially the dedication and hopefulness of Sr. Annie.

Ricardo is 75 years old. He has been at the Damien House for 30 years. He celebrates his birthday in December, a time of year that also remembers the birth of our Lord. Ricarado is very quiet and enjoys his down time. He loves to help with any activities, but also loves to be taken care of. Unfortunately, Ricardo never knew his family. He does, however, feel very much part of a family with the residents of the Damien House. He is thankful for what God has done in his life by bringing him here, for giving him this life, and for the encouragement of Sr. Annie.

Jose is one of the friendliest residents here at Damien House. He is 85 years old and his birthday is in December. He is delighted to be able to share his birthday with many other residents during the month of December. He has been here with the Damien House for 25 years and loves the foundation. He loves to see all the kind people coming and going. It is during this time that he can share his story and also be an encouragement to the other residents. He is very grateful for all those who come to visit him during the day. It is a great time of fellowship with conversation and laughter. Jose is also a dominos player, always up for a match with the other residents. He loves eating the delicious food provided by the Damien House's kitchen. Sr. Annie is a blessing to him and he thanks God each day for her.