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  This article will discuss the benefits of joining the Texas Photography Society. During these trying times, it is more crucial than ever to tell our stories and connect with others. TPS has been assisting photographers for almost 40 years in this endeavour.

We provide venues for artists to celebrate successes and share their work through exhibitions, workshops, online talks, and other means, all while encouraging them to develop their craft and expand their perspective.

As part of our Members' Print Program, TPS is pleased to provide the following curated collection of fine art prints. If you become a TPS Friend, Patron, or Benefactor, you can pick a print from this collection by artists including Gabriel Biderman, Carol Golemboski, Eric Kunsman, J. Fritz Rumpf, and Sandra Chen Weinstein.

Review System for Images and Portfolios

The Texas Photographic Society is pleased to offer its members a dedicated portfolio review and image critiquing service. Artist, educator, curator, and former TPS Executive Director Sarah Sudhoff, or commercial/fine art photographer and educator Edgar Miller, will provide feedback to participants. One-on-one reviews are conducted in these 55-minute Zoom meetings. You can get helpful feedback on your work from the comfort of your own home in a casual video conference setting, and you can share 10–20 individual photographs or a sequence of images. We believe this is a great chance for photographers of all skill levels to gain a new perspective on their work.

Evaluations of Photographic Works and Professional Portfolios

The goal of the reviews is to give you with objective, helpful criticism that is tailored to your work and your unique areas of concern. This constructive criticism can help you strengthen your photography in key areas. Sarah and Edgar would gladly tailor their conversation to your personal needs as a photographer, sharing their knowledge and experience in the areas they feel are most applicable.

Any artist, designer, or other creative professional is welcome to contact Sarah for advice on developing personal projects, finding one's visual voice, beginning data-driven or research-based initiatives, or crafting artist statements and websites. Edgar is excited to chat about the gear evaluation and photography processes, as well as the technical aspects and aesthetics of the photos, as well as their inspiration, story, and message.

Analyze the Cost and Eligibility

To honour the legendary Group f/64 photographers and their dedication to improving their craft, each session lasts for 55 minutes and costs $64. To sign up, you need to be a current TPS member. Here you can renew your TPS membership or sign up for it for the first time. If you are unsure of your membership status, please email ann@texasphoto.org before enrolling.

There are no refunds for paid reviews or memberships.

Some Very Important Remarks

This time around, we'll be using Zoom to do our reviews. (Create a free Zoom account now if you don't have one.)

Your chosen reviewer will contact you with Zoom meeting details, a time and date for your session, and any other relevant information after you register and pay.

Gather 10–20 photographs with their corresponding technical specifications (metadata) into a folder on your computer before the session. Image assessment will be made easier using Zoom's screen-sharing feature.

Some Information About the Reviewers

In Memory of Edgar Miller

Fort Worth resident and native Texan Edgar Miller is a man of many talents. Since 1979, Edgar has been working as a photographer. He has a deep understanding of both the scientific and mathematical fields in addition to his expertise in the visual arts, having obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1992. Presently, Edgar is an educator, as well as a commercial and fine art photographer. Many exhibitions of his art have been featured in Texas and beyond, garnering him both recognition and awards. During his 20 years of experience in the field, he has helped countless students improve their photography and creative skills. Edgar is involved with the Texas Artists Coalition and the Texas Photography Society. He is very involved in the Fort Worth Community Art Center and has served as a jury for several area photography clubs. He attributes his ability to find compelling light on compelling topics to the teachings of his late father and current photography educator Keith Carter. Here you can learn even more about Edgar.

On Sarah Sudhoff

Houston-based Cuban American artist Sarah Sudhoff works in a variety of mediums. In her work, Sudhoff mixes together discussions of gender, science, and the individual's experience using photography (both posed and found), performance, installation, and sculpture. Sudhoff has taught at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches; Trinity University in San Antonio; and the Art Institute of San Antonio, in addition to serving as photo editor for Texas Monthly and Time magazines. She is currently a member of the teaching staff at Austin's St. Edward's University. She has lectured at El Paso Community College, Austin Community College, the Blaffer Art Museum, and Rhode Island School of Design, among others. Ivestor Contemporary in Austin, Collar Works in Troy, New York, the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans, the Houston Health Museum in Houston, Nancy Littlejohn Fine Art in Houston, the Stay Home Gallery in Paris, Tennessee, Filter Photo in Chicago, Illinois, the PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury, Vermont, the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado, and the Colorado Photographic Arts Center in Denver, Colorado are just a few of the venues where Sudhoff has recently shown or will soon perform.