Writing Samples

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: "Ninja Gig" spec script available upon request (March 2014)


(MoviePilot is gone)

The AAA Greenlight , or Dreaming of a Greater Gatsby Videogame (Unwinnable, May 2013)

Imperfect in Japan (Writing Writer Writest, September 2010)


Book-- Year Zero by Rob Reid (on this site)

Video Game-- Dreamfall: The Longest Journey (originally published in Cerise, February 2008)

Movie-- Casino Royale (1967)(on this site)

Instructional Writing

My strategy for beating Azetlor the Collector, the library boss in Ghostbusters the Video Game on Professional Mode (Cross-published to the My Cheats guide for Ghostbusters and my 1up blog)