Spotify Collaborative Playlist

I have a music message board party collaborative playlist set up in Spotify. Feel free to post a song to introduce yourself or share some emotions. This is not intended to be a definitive way to settle arguments or anger, though it can be a way to settle emotions before starting a civilized, peaceful debate via email.

Thich Nhat Hanh has this great book titled Anger: Wisdom For Cooling the Flames that recommends you not go more than 24 hours without telling someone you are angry. Don't bottle it up or vent, since venting could be practicing hurting someone and if you are bottling then you still have a need that is not being met! BUT, he also recommends processing your emotions before confronting the person you are angry at. Tell them within 24 hours, he says, then make an appointment for the end of the week when you will talk about why you are angry and try to hear both perspectives. Then take the time before the appointment to embrace your anger, understanding why you are angry and why each person does what they do. Then if you are still angry, keep the appointment and have a calm discussion about what you both need and what kind of effort you both put into making it OK. If you aren't angry anymore, enjoy the person's company and tell them what you appreciate about them. My playlist is supposed to help with the emotional processing part of this process, because sometimes there aren't words yet.

My playlist works as a messageboard like so:

Questions start with a song submitted by someone who isn't me. My answer always ends with Music is Life by Elliphant.

I check the list about once a week for the forseeable future, but it's better to email if you NEED an answer and don't just feel better after listening to some music.

It's perfectly OK to bring a happy party song or techno track that is not an argument; if you say hi I will check out your music if you are a musician and may shout out your songs if I like them.

Posting here is as anonymous as your Spotify user name. For a real discussion email euphoriafish DOT smiles AT gmail DOT com and send me some smiles. Smiles and information are greater than anonymous daggers and trolling. I swear if you knew me better and I knew who you were, we'd get along.

I wish people would not drag their new song above the block between So You Wanted To See the Wizard by Queen Latifah and Fight the Power by Public Enemy. I swear I didn't delete your song. I just moved it to right after the intro sequence. Older questions will fall to the bottom of the list if we keep putting the new ones after the first five songs. I check the top and bottom of the list about weekly.