(Got substance and an important message? Read from the top. More feelings than substance? Please read from the bottom.)

Twitter: euphoriafish

Email: euphoriafish [dot] smiles [at] gmail [dot] com

Skype: euphoriafish (You MUST send a message with your friend request. Tell me why you want to talk.)

Phone: on request via above channels.

Linktree: euphoriafish

Social Media

@euphoriafish on Twitter (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ use everyday would use again)

Instagram (⭐️⭐️⭐️ randomly can't post on it for following too many but I read and comment on other people)Increasingly used with Twitter. I consider it public but don't draw attention to it. Those children are me and my brother in a wagon with hats on and I'm wearing my grandmother's clothes from China in my flashback toddler photo. Photos of children are not posted at the time of them being children. It's like Twitter. You can comment on it publicly.)

YouTube (⭐️⭐️⭐️ Acting, harmonica videos, monologuing, working on show format for game streams and more, plus a commercial for ManageFlitter that won me a camera plus free account for life to manage Twitter followers.)

Soundcloud (⭐️⭐️ Librivox recordings and music. Should experiment with sound more. Maybe I should remix my harmonica playing into a larger, more original song.)

DeviantArt (I draw people because they have interesting brains or faces. It was a good story I wrote myself in my head about them. A platonic story sometimes about married people. It takes about 15 hours to make an image I am happy with. It tends to be celebrity fan art I won't do anything with because I don't have permission to profit off of their likeness. I love celebrities too much to ever be able to sell artwork ever. )

Pinterest (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️) I love collecting things. Not enough of a dialogue but it sure does cheer me up.

Stage 32 (film people, there are workshops. Otherwise quarterly like LinkedIn.)

LinkedIn for article links: (links become outdated. Dates are real. Quarterly use.)

Facebook (Things I published on my fan page. Slow feed. Not sure what the daily feed loop should be.)


A P.O. Box address is for registering my business. The smallest one costs $100 a year. It is for feedback and customer service uses. Possibly for getting me work though that usually comes through Facebook. I don't have a show yet but I have several in mind I would love to share with you.

Votes for projects you like will be considered and appreciated with, unfortunately, no guarantee of response if I don't know you already on another channel of communication. Fan art is welcome if you like me, include Twitter or Deviant Art if you want to hear back and I will at minimum tweet or comment on your DeviantArt. Using this channel to make me sad or angry is a direct interference with my business activities and I'd prefer your sad or angry messages to go to Twitter or email where they are most manageable. What you send out is a record of what you want me to have. No one has ever left record of wanting me to have intimidation or fear for my life and my friends in law enforcement are supportive in keeping it that way.

You are an angel for sending:

  • Offers of work (writer, actor VO preferred, casting assistant, AD, presentation studio assistant, script supervisor, director)

  • Votes for projects you like

  • Fan art w/ link to your Deviant Art and/or Twitter so I can respond with praises

  • ACEOs or artist postcards w/ contact channel to communicate about them

  • Memories of something I said or wrote and what it meant to you

  • An essay explaining how my film art music or writing is hurting someone and one vote to make it better in the future

  • An essay explaining how my film art music or writing helped someone and votes for more of these

You really feel sad or mad? Please read this first before contacting me. There's even an emotion survey you could print out and send me with how you feel about something I said or did or wrote or performed.

I am in awe that you read this far and took so much care in your contacting of my humble person.


Feelings for Euphoriafish

C/O Euphoric Designs

P.O. Box 23268

Owensboro, KY 42304


You got all the way down here and still have sad/angry feelings?

  • Add a song to my Spotify playlist or listen to some music that other people sent with similar feelings here: Bring Something You to the Party.

  • Comedian Louie Anderson has a great book about working through feelings and how people treat each other titled The F Word.

  • Bouncing Back From Rejection by Leslie Becker Phelps could be on your phone's Kindle reader to check a list of emotions and strategies for dealing with them with STEAM techniques.

  • Book of Joy by Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu. Especially the Eight Pillars of Joy. Dealing with anger, despair and envy.

  • Sometimes it's helpful to your feelings to go help other people. Therapeer is an app for taking an hour of time to talk to someone who is sad, mad, or frustrated about Not Your Problem. Koko app is a bot on Telegram these days for dropping anonymous messages about why you hate me into the ether and getting an anonymous reply from a nice stranger who doesn't know who said it.

  • has a free laundry list and questionnaire to check whether you might be passing poison given to you by your parents on to others. There's also a helpful book. If it would help to find a group to speak totally anonymously about what your parents did th at hurt you, there are group meetings listed on or on In the Rooms.

  • Emotional debts are best collected by mail, I find. See P.O. Box above. No emotional debt collection is allowed via pony express or mind games. If you can't respect personal boundaries you are on a ladder of consequences only you can remove yourself from. Energy you put out in the world comes back to you times three, not necessarily from the person you originally sent it to.

  • Add a song to my Spotify playlist or listen to some music that other people sent with similar feelings here: Bring Something You to the Party.

  • Maybe a meditation book?