I am a screenwriter, script supervisor, and AD with technical and art skills currently living in Kentucky. I am comfortable retouching photos, painting or manipulating text in Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign. I do basic video editing in Premiere and audio cleanup in Audacity.

I currently assist nonprofit group ABILITY Corps with the abilityE project to promote inclusion of disabled talent in the entertainment industry by casting disabled actors for paid work in entertainment projects. See abilityE.com for casting notices, and if you are a disabled actor it is free to sign up and add your secure profile to the talent database, visible only to you or casting agents offering paid work. I give QA feedback and occasionally write content for the website or outreach emails. ABILITY Corps is a 501 c(3) with over 20 years of publishing ABILITY Magazine, and they offer additional assistance to disabled job seekers at abilityJOBS .

My last day job was as a GIS Assistant and Americorps volunteer. I am also interested in mapping projects.

Mad at me? Or better, got a fun project to share or invite me onto? I hope you won't go another day without letting me know in a real way via Contact channels. Emotional debts can only truly be collected by email or post. CONTACT PAGE

Wondering if I can act? I let my Backstage subscription lapse but my acting reel is also available by email or YouTube.


Distributed Projects I am Credited on

    • Volumes of Blood (continuity notes, credited as Third Assistant Camera, and atmosphere performer as "Third Assistant Camera")

    • Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories directed by P.J. Starks and others produced by Blood Moon Pictures. (atmosphere performer as "Theater Patron")

    • Reigns Maker (atmosphere performer as "Party Goer")


  • Finished two years of National Service volunteering for Americorps as GIS Assistant at City of Owensboro/GRADD.

  • Played Emmy in "Final Frontier," a one act play about an integrated couple and Star Trek directed by Christie Strumpf and written by Micah M

  • Directed "Guardian", a comedy one act play for Theatre Workshop of Owensboro in show A for Summer Shorts.

  • Casting assistant and location scout for A Stranger on Earth, an Independent Artistic Production directed by Jeremiah Reeves.

  • Writer of one segment for Eville Get Behind Me, a history themed project from TPTFILMS Entertainment which screened at at least one festival.

  • Script supervisor for It Came From the Stars, coming soon from Alien Jungle Bug and directed by Troy Davison! (release info TBA)

  • Some contributed material and story editing for Knights End as a writer. Knights End is John Musgrave's project with some assistance from TPTFILMS Entertainment.

  • Atmosphere Party goer in The Reigns Maker

  • Script supervisor on Iscariot: Righteous Assassin (release info TBA).

Evolving credits list

most up to date on the Internet Movie Database. I do not wish to list projects I haven't earned credit for, but some of these are not complete yet. So, I keep a tally of distributed projects here that have my name credited, and IMDB is a record of who I've spoken with and collaborated with. When a project is distributed I will take down a credit accordingly if I do not feel I have earned it.

Current Active Projects

  1. Wrote and registered Lack of Consent Has No Dress Code, a half hour short film about predatory date drugging, to be filmed soon.

  2. Collaborating on a short film romantic drama about depression.

  3. Comedy feature TBA.

  4. A research project podcast.

  5. And/or a comedy conversation podcast.

  6. I'm always willing to give peer review feedback on screenplays. Please do not send me prose writing because I am not a fast prose editor. Screenplays and theater plays only, please.

  7. I do coverage reading of feature screenplays in about nine hours or three days turnaround time. Email me and we can negotiate a contract for compensation for this service.

Most recent site updates 5-3-2022

  • Added description of work for ABILITY Corps to this page.

  • Added some resources for managing feelings on the Contact page.

  • I am most easily reachable as @euphoriafish on Twitter. Instagram Or Facebook if you prefer it.

  • A short list of my best article clippings is regularly curated on my Linked-In profile. All others are archived on theWriting section of this site. I don't feel like I have enough energy for archiving writing correctly. It could be better. I write often but forget what I did!

  • I was for three years Vice Chairperson of the Tri-State Playwrights networking and feedback group for screenwriters.

  • I am proud to be crewing as a script supervisor or AD for local film projects in Evansville, IN and Owensboro, KY. Oh yeah, there was one casting assistant day that was fun and I love taking notes on auditions and being a second set of eyes or giving second opinions on the group that is being assembled. Totally open to more casting assistant gigs. I pay attention to the actors I see in the local scene and remember what roles they were great with. I have heard reality shows sometimes need casting too. Anybody know how I get involved with that?