I am a screenwriter, script supervisor, and AD with technical and art skills currently living in Kentucky. I am comfortable retouching photos, painting or manipulating text in Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign. I do basic video editing in Premiere and audio cleanup in Audacity.

My last day job was as a GIS Assistant and Americorps volunteer. I am also interested in mapping projects.

Mad at me? Or better, got a fun project to share or invite me onto? I hope you won't go another day without letting me know in a real way via Contact channels. Emotional debts can only truly be collected by email or post. CONTACT PAGE

Wondering if I can act? I let my Backstage subscription lapse but my acting reel is also available by email.


Distributed Projects I am Credited on

    • Volumes of Blood (continuity notes, credited as Third Assistant Camera, and atmosphere performer as "Third Assistant Camera")

    • Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories directed by P.J. Starks and others produced by Blood Moon Pictures. (atmosphere performer as "Theater Patron")


  • Finished two years of National Service volunteering for Americorps as GIS Assistant at City of Owensboro/GRADD.

  • Played Emmy in "Final Frontier," a one act play about an integrated couple and Star Trek directed by Christie Strumpf and written by Micah M

  • Directed "Guardian", a comedy one act play for Theatre Workshop of Owensboro in show A for Summer Shorts.

  • Casting assistant and location scout for A Stranger on Earth, an Independent Artistic Production directed by Jeremiah Reeves.

  • Script supervisor for It Came From the Stars, coming soon from Alien Jungle Bug and directed by Troy Davison! (release info TBA)

  • Atmosphere Party goer in The Reigns Maker

  • Script supervisor on Iscariot: Righteous Assassin (release info TBA).

Evolving credits list

most up to date on the Internet Movie Database. I do not wish to list projects I haven't earned credit for, but some of these are not complete yet. So, I keep a tally of distributed projects here that have my name credited, and IMDB is a record of who I've spoken with and collaborated with. When a project is distributed I will take down a credit accordingly if I do not feel I have earned it.

Current Active Projects

  1. Wrote and registered Lack of Consent Has No Dress Code, a half hour short film about predatory date drugging, to be filmed soon.

  2. Writing/editing on upcoming medieval drama Knights End.

  3. Collaborating on a short film romantic drama about depression.

  4. Comedy feature TBA.

  5. A research project podcast.

  6. And/or a comedy conversation podcast.

  7. I'm always willing to give peer review feedback on screenplays at Tristate Playwrights meetings. Please do not send me prose writing because I am not a fast prose editor. Screenplays and theater plays only, please.

  8. I do coverage reading of feature screenplays in about nine hours or three days turnaround time. Email me and we can negotiate a contract for compensation for this service.

Most recent site updates

  • I am most easily reachable as @euphoriafish on Twitter. Or Facebook if you prefer it.

  • A short list of my best article clippings is regularly curated on my Linked-In profile. All others are archived on theWriting section of this site.

  • I was for three years Vice Chairperson of the Tri-State Playwrights networking and feedback group for screenwriters.

  • I am proud to be crewing as a script supervisor or AD for local film projects in Evansville, IN and Owensboro, KY. Oh yeah, there was one casting assistant day that was fun and I love taking notes on auditions and being a second set of eyes or giving second opinions on the group that is being assembled. Totally open to more casting assistant gigs. I pay attention to the actors I see in the local scene and remember what roles they were great with. I have heard reality shows sometimes need casting too. Anybody know how I get involved with that?