AUD18: Prediction and Surprise in Natural Sound Processing: Comparing DNNs to the human brain


To better understand audio perception using EEG and DNNs


  1. Music vs speech processing.
  2. Comparing DNNs to human brains in performing auditory scene analysis.
  3. Characterizing the hierarchical processing of speech in the brain and DNNs


  1. BrainVision EEG


  1. Tensorflow, basics of EEG responses and decoding


Antje Ihlefeld (Newark College of Engineering)

Alain de Cheveigne (Ecole normale supérieure, Paris)

Ed Lalor (Univ. of Rochester Medical Center)

Confirmed invited faculty

  1. Behtash Babadi (Maryland)
  2. Carol Krumhansl (Cornell)
  3. Jens Hjortkjær (DTU)
  4. Jonathan Le Roux (MERL)
  5. Lisa Margulis (Arkansas)
  6. Lucas Parra (CCNY)
  7. Malcolm Slaney (Google)
  8. Mounya Elihali (JHU)
  9. Nima Mesgarani (Columbia)
  10. Ross Maddox (Rochester)
  11. Shihab Shamma (Maryland and ENS)
  12. Tobias Reichenbach (Imperial)