About us

We share XC skills and have fun by flying somewhat realistically on Condor 2 in widely varying conditions and terrain.

In our group are beginners and advanced pilots. Our goal on Condor is usually not racing, but to fly cooperatively at least weekly so that we can share ideas and skills and get to know each other, have fun, and talk about soaring and what worked and didn't. We talk through a Discord server. We usually fly with OLC-like scoring and upload to SkyLinesCondor. We encourage realistic safety margins (see How we fly). If you want to use a phone or tablet as a flight computer (e.g. XCSoar or SeeYou) in real life flight, we encourage you to take the time to link that to Condor so that it's very familiar to you before you fly in real life. We can help you set things up.

We would be happy to have other groups or individuals join us, in any language.

Email teamxc.us@gmail.com with questions.


Please fill out this new member form.

Checklist for new members

  • Navigate to our Discord server to get a Discord account and the app on your computer and check your audio. Contact us and one of us can talk with you by phone or Skype then by Discord to test it and to say hi and answer questions. You need a headset or earphones with mic. Computer speakers are a problem because your mic broadcasts your game sounds to everyone else, unless you use push-to-talk.

  • Go to Members. Add your name, Condor CN, Discord name, and schedule.

  • Go through the recommended Condor sim prep, especially updates and flight lessons.

  • Start downloading some of the Condor landscapes we use most. See News/Calendar for the landscapes we will use next. You may need an additional internal or external hard drive if you don't have 300 GB free, but drives are cheap: you can get a 2 or 3 TB drive online for $60 or less, not SSD).

  • Look over how we fly tasks.

  • See the Forum for recent emails.

  • Join us on a Condor flight at scheduled times (calendar) on the "TeamXC Group" server on the Condor multiplayer server (shows up about 20 min before we fly). Read the description below the calendar of how the Mon/Fri flights are different from the Wed/Sat flights.

  • Drop into the lobby on our Discord audio server. If Condor sim sounds make it so you can't hear us well, exit the flight and go to Condor>Setup>Sound and decrease the Master Volume. Or increase if you can hear us, but not the glider wind sounds well.

  • Make an account on SkyLinesCondor, and under Settings/Group, choose TeamXC.

  • After you fly, save your .igc file. To get the .igc file from a flight track, in Condor go to Flight Analysis, and select IGC Export at the bottom, and give it a file name. If you didn't save your flight track, load 'LastTrack.ftr' in Flight Analysis, then export to igc. Give the file a name that includes the date, like "textnotnumbers-YYYY-MM-DD.igc".

  • On SkyLinesCondor, click the upload symbol, or use skylinescondor.com/flights/upload. Your igc files will be in the folder Documents>Condor>Flighttracks>IGC. (Note: You can upload as many files as you want at one time, including your older flights)

  • Under Group Flights you will see TeamXC flights with all the group's uploaded tracks superposed. It's fun to hit play and in 6-10 minutes you can watch where everyone went in their 2-3 hr flights. If you click a pilot's icon on the left you can see that pilot's track in detail. Here are more details on how to use SkyLinesCondor.