New Maps by Aphasia[CM]

Swamp Thing was my primary entry into our 2018 TeamFortress Halloween Map Jam. The goal is to raid the other team's cabin and steal their copy of the Necronomicon to sacrifice on your altar, completing the ritual and giving your team a boost of demonic power (and points).

This is a HUGE, open map, with lots to explore... two graveyards, one of which contains many of our comrades... and some who aren't quite dead yet. There's an abbey, a crypt, an otherworldly ancient tentacled monster from another dimension (please, no swimming with the monster)...

List many of my maps, Swamp Thing has a lot of symbolism / Easter Eggs ... (Ambush, DyerMaker, we miss you.)

Download Swamp Thing and check it out!

Traverse the swamp, marshlands and cemetery... where here lies all those others who were active in our #mapping community during the Halloween Map Jam.

Light a candle, and remember all those who have fallen before you...