New Maps by Aphasia[CM]

CyberBall World Championships are here! This is the successor, and larger brother, of CyberBall... get ready!


This game is based on the original CyberBall games for Arcade, Sega Genesis, and others, but adapted for QuakeWorld.

Because the championships are played in such a LARGE stadium, there are no restrictions on team size for this map. However, anyone who wishes not to play can be a "PARTICIPATORY SPECTATOR." There's a bar and everything for you guys to hang out in. Be wary of spectators "playing favorites," btw.


The idea is simple, but sometimes lost to those not reading directions. Take the ball from the center of the map to the opposing team's goal. Think American Football. You score 5 frags for your team every time you do, and one point is awarded to your team score.

DROPFLAG and THROWFLAG commands are available to help you hand-off the ball to your teammates.

IMPORTANT: Do not take your time getting the ball to the goal. As soon as the ball is disturbed from the center, it begins heating up going from:


When the ball reaches critical mass it EXPLODES killing everyone on the play field.

You can disarm the ball by scoring, or by stepping on a DEFUSE PAD. There are four pads on each side of the map, which can only be used ONCE EACH per play. They will also give you a little bit of health to keep you going. If the other team drops the ball near your goal, it will be important to DEFUSE IT quickly so you have time to run it to the other side of the map.


Thanks as always to id, for Quake, The TFS crew, for Team Fortress, Ambush, for MegaTF, and DyerMaker for everything you contributed to MegaTF! All the Clan Moose crew who I will never forget!