New Maps by Aphasia[CM]

A "two-day" map in which teams alternate between attack and defense to capture the flag. Team 1, blue, is always defense - Team 2, red, always the attackers.

There are multiple ways into the fortress - through the fortress itself, over cliffs and drop down, or through the tunnel. Although, for the latter to work, you'll need to use teamwork to disable the security system that keeps the tunnel accessible by blue only -- work as a team and you can overpower blue quickly.



Red team receives 10 points for a flag capture. Blue team receives no team points. This is meant to be played twice, with teams reversing roles after each round of a set timelimit.

BeachAssault2 (Blue Points Mod)

Red team receives 10 points for a flag capture, while Blue team receives 10 points every 45 seconds as long as their flag is at home (not taken/being carried). Flag is on a 20 second timer if dropped before it is returned. As soon as the flag is returned home, either by drop or capture, the counter begins again to 45 seconds.