Mega Team Fortress Archives

A repository of knowledge and archive of sacred files for the Mega Team Fortress (MegaTF) QuakeWorld mod.

This archive exists to make sure that this information and these files do not get lost to time; whenever possible information and files are hosted locally - not linked to - in the event that their parent site ever goes down or shuts down. Please submit additions to this archive to

Maintained by Aphasia[CM] of Clan Moose


Option A - "I Have Nothing, I Need Everything"

A pre-installed, Ready-to-Play, nQuake + TF & MegaTF Package. (Win64)

For modern Windows machines, we HIGHLY recommend nQuake_CompleteFortress, a preinstalled, ready to play setup that already includes MegaTF core files and class configs.
If you use something other than Windows, or if you already have some of what you need, see Option B.

Option B - "My situation is different..."

In order to play MegaTF, you need:

1. Quake (Download Quake Shareware)

2. A modern QuakeWorld Client (Such As ezQuake)

3. TeamFortress Files (Download TF 2.8)

(Remember: As an alternative to all above, just download nQuake)

4. MegaTF Files (Download MegaTF)

5. Optional Class Config Files (Download Starter Set)


The nQuake_CompeteFortress package (or if you already have Quake, the MegaTF package) includes all the core files required to play on any MegaTF server.

Once installed the only things you will need to download after you connect to a server are the individual maps being played, and their supporting sounds and models. However, if you want to get a jump on the downloads process you can visit the File Archives for specific maps, or Aphasia's Maps page for his latest, or download our MegaPacks:

TF MegaPack - contains a slew of skyboxes, location files, and high res replacement textures, and colored lighting (.lit) files

TF MegaPack XL - contains all of TF MegaPack, plus a bunch of actual map files, additional models and sounds.

TF MegaPack XXL - contains all of TF MegaPack XL, plus a pantload of additional maps (even obscure ones).

In Memoriam

Dedicated to Clan Moose

Every story eventually grows silent

Every legend eventually fades

So we pass into the annals of time

Our bodies aging, our minds tiring

Yet our hearts continue on

Our game was our escape

Forged in honest competition

Our bonds still are unbroken

Lives lived a thousand times over

Made this one better

Across nations, across languages

We are one, we are united

We are friends

We are family

We are Clan Moose