Titahi Bay North School Community Information

Our school

- we offer education for students from year 0 to 8

- is accessible – with plenty of parking and close to many homes in the area.

- is well staffed – good adult : child ratios in the classrooms and a staff with a passion for children’s learning and hau ora.

- has a diversity of cultures – encouraging positive interaction

- has a school garden where we grow vegetables that are used for a wide variety of things.

- has a big school hall

- has a number of playground areas

- has spacious grounds

- fosters co-operative play and social skills in the classroom and the playground

- has a Whanau unit offering immersion Māori education

- is equipped with ICT devices in every classroom that are networked.

Here is an outline of effective partnerships between home and school:-

Staff are responsible for ensuring that children are:

- taught at their appropriate level.

- making progress

- working in a safe and stimulating environment

- well supervised and cared for at school

- listened to

- referred to any appropriate support agencies when necessary. This would include Health and Dental agencies, Social Workers in Schools, Special Education etc.

Parents/Caregivers are responsible for ensuring children come to school;

- on a regular basis

- appropriately dressed

- well fed

- having had plenty of sleep

- in good health

- with all of the equipment they need e.g. books, pencils etc.

- having completed homework tasks.

Our mission statement is

Kotahitanga i te matauranga : Our future is learning together as one

Relationships are crucial to early learning and development. Through interactions children learn to feel secure, to communicate, and to enjoy being with people. As they grow and develop, children love to play, to communicate, to watch and to be with others. Children build relationships, communicate, express feelings, play together, learn and have their needs met through contact with others. With both Māori medium and English medium learning options at Titahi Bay North School students will have opportunities to learn together about aspects of te ao Māori me te ao Paheka me te ao whānui.