Nau Mai, Haere Mai - Welcome to Titahi Bay North School

Community Strategic Survey

Now accessible from the home drop down options. Go to Voice and click. There you will find the Covid 19 Survey from this year and the survey.

Welcome to Term 4

Our school staff and board hope that you have all had a great holiday.

Our school is still operating at Level 2. This does mean we are dropping off and picking up still.

We do intend gathering community voice over this term for our new school strategic plan. This will be different due to alert levels.

Excitingly our school is now grown to U4.

Breakfast club for students only starts on Tuesday 26th of October 2021.

Last week of Term 3

Kia ora Parents, Families and Whanau,

What an unbelievable term we have had. Alert level changes, differing weather and our building projects in full swing.

We could not have done all of this challenging work without the support of all of community and staff.

We have some new material coming onto this website including the new page, "your voice". Please check it out.

Remember school finishes this Friday 1st of October.

Level 2 Update

School will move to Level 2 on Thursday.

Due to this date, students on Thursday and Friday will need their own lunches and water bottles.

At the moment to ensure that our class bubbles are safe, we will be doing a "drop and collect" routine.

Masks are recommended for schools but not required.

We will post more information on how we will operate at the new Level 2 over the next 24 hours.

Be safe and stay healthy,

Titahi Bay North School Staff and Board of Trustees.

Replenishment Packs for Distance Learning

I would just like to say thank you to all of the staff who over the last 24 hours have made up replenishment packs for students and delivered them to our homes. All done under Level 3 restrictions.

Parents, Families and Whanau, please check your letterboxes today and tonight as you will see brown paper envelopes for students in them. We are delivering the final few this afternoon.

Naku noa,

Grant Henderson on behalf of the Titahi Bay North School Staff and Board of Trustees.


Kia ora Parents, Families and Whanau,

I know this question will start to come up as we contemplate a shift of Alert Levels. The information below are some of the general guidelines at Level 3.

The first piece is from MSN news:

What's allowed at alert level 3

Under alert level 3, people are told to stay in their household bubbles. Bubbles should be exclusive, with social visitors not allowed to enter your home.

The bubbles are made up of those in your immediate household but can be expanded to connect with close whānau, to bring in caregivers or to support isolated people.

Physical distancing is still required, with two-metre distances advised outside your home or one metre in controlled environments like workplaces.

Schools and Early Childhood Education centres can open but will have limited capacity, and attendees should stay at home wherever possible.

Businesses will not be allowed to offer services involving close personal contact, unless it is a supermarket, primary produce retailer, pharmacy, petrol station or hardware store providing goods to trade customers, or an emergency.

Other businesses can open, but physical interaction with customers is prohibited.

Public venues, such as libraries, cinemas, museums, food courts, gym and playgrounds will be closed.

Gatherings of up to 10 people are allowed only in the case of weddings, funerals and tangihanga, with physical distancing and other public health measures mandatory at these events. Gatherings beyond this 10-person limit are not allowed under any circumstances.

Healthcare services must use non-contact consultations where possible, and people at high risk of severe illness are encouraged to stay at home.

Golden rules for businesses at alert level 3

If your business requires close physical contact it cannot operate.

We recommend your staff work from home if they can.

Businesses need to display a QR code and have an alternative contact tracing system. We recommend making sure people either scan in or provide their contact details.

Customers cannot come onto your premises — unless you are a supermarket, dairy, butcher, fishmonger, greengrocer, petrol station, pharmacy or permitted health service.

Your business legally must be contactless. Your customers can pay online, over the phone or in a contactless way. Delivery or pick-up legally must also be contactless.

Basic hygiene measures legally must be maintained. Physical distancing, hand washing and regularly cleaning surfaces. Workers legally must stay home if they are sick.

Staff legally must remain a minimum of 1 metre apart at all times where practical. Other measures, such as personal protective equipment (PPE) including face coverings, we recommend being used where appropriate.

Different advice applies to essential healthcare workers, border agencies, courts and tribunal staff, first responders and corrections staff. You can get further advice from the Ministry of Health

You legally must meet all other health and safety obligations.

The second piece of information comes from Iona Holstead, received yesterday:

"We also heard a clear message from the Prime Minster that at Alert Level 3 schools will effectively continue to be closed for face-to-face learning, other than for the children of parents who need to go to work and have no alternative care options available."

Over the next 72 hours we will be contacting Parents, Families and Whanau to if you are in the identified groups above. Please be aware that the main focus is for your child at Level 3 to learn from home with the advantage of more distance learning materials being available at this level (replenishment of work).

Naku noa,

Grant Henderson

Tuesday 24th Update

Kia ora Parents, Families and Whanau,

Just letting you know that we have delivered learning packs out this morning. Please check your mailboxes or front doors. Some students who are working digitally using their own devices did not receive a pack.

Thankyou to the staff who prepared the packs, checked addresses and/or delivered over the past two days.

Depending on the situation with Covid 19, we do intend to replenish materials when we move to Level 3.

Stay safe, stay healthy, be kind,

Titahi Bay North School Staff and BOT.

Monday 23rd Update- Delivery of Packs

Kia ora Parents, Families and Whanau,

We will be completing the delivery of hard packs tomorrow morning. We have delivered some this afternoon, but the bulk of the deliveries will be tomorrow. Please be aware that the work in the packs will need to be spread over a number of days. We will struggle to replenish the activities until our alert levels significantly drop.

We ask you to watch your gate and collect the items after our staff member has delivered them to you. We ask you to keep your bubbles small so that looks after our staff member.

Naku noa,

Titahi Bay North School Staff

Covid-19 Level 4 Announced

For the next 13 days our region is at Level 4. Our School is closed.

Grant Henderson


We have a new absentee text number. It is 02108671045.

Nau mai, piki mai - Welcome to our school.

Titahi Bay North School (TBNS) is a school with a committed staff, a number of whom are long serving with much knowledge about the local bay area and community. Staff work to provide learning experiences that develop student confidence and achievement. TBNS students are encouraged, and able, to display the attributes of being positive tuakana teina and role models.

We also have a lot of fun as you can see...!

The school is organised into two strands

An English medium (Auraki) strand – teaching learning areas from the New Zealand Curriculum.

A Māori Medium strand (Rumaki) in which the students education is based on Te Marautanga o Aotearoa, primarily delivered in Te Reo Maori

Teachers plan cooperatively to develop programmes to meet the needs of students. They share strengths and resources to support each other and the students. The school is involved in regular school wide events e.g. assembly, trips, singing, sports.

Te Whānau o Te Kakano, a reo rumaki whanau began at TBNS over 30 years ago in response to community wishes and aspirations.

We have 5 multilevel ruma auraki (English medium classes). The multi age groupings throughout the school allow for tuakana/teina relationships, role modelling and learning to flourish. For the past 20 years we have catered for Year 7 and 8 students, which also adds to the special character of our school – a whanau whanui ‘country school in town’ feel.

Children are with the same teacher and classmates for several years at TBNS. This creates strong relationships and kotahitanga. Research shows many benefits in having students learn in groups with older and younger peers and the pedagogical advantages of multi-age classrooms where students are with the same teacher for two or more years.

The school's policies and procedures can be found at SchoolDocs. User name is TBN and password is policies.

Kotahitanga i te matauranga: Our future is learning together as one

Check out our school calender under the 'our news' tab at the top of this page

We're proud of our efforts and achievements in curriculum and in activities such as kapa haka, sports participation, the arts and Education Outside of the Classroom activities.

Most years we have a number of our senior students from our Māori Medium class sitting NCEA Level One Māori.

We welcome whanau participation in school life. The best conditions for learning are created when whanau take an active interest in their child's school activities and learning.

Check out the activities and happenings at TBNS on Facebook by finding us there at Titahi Bay North School. Parents and Whanau can request to join our Facebook group.

School Stationary Information.

In 2021 we will be using funds from the MOE Donations Scheme to supply stationary for our students here at Titahi Bay North School. This funding comes from the 2018 Wellbeing Budget.