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Emotional Wellness & Personal Growth

Do any of these sound familiar?

      • I am disengaged at work and I have a hard time feeling motivated.
      • When I get home from work I yell at my children.
      • I don’t get enough sleep, and feel exhausted and irritable all the time.
      • I’ve gained too much weight and don’t take good care of myself.
      • Conversations often turn into conflict and I lose my temper.
      • I feel stuck and have a hard time making decisions.
      • Change is scary and uncomfortable to me.
      • My life is totally out of balance and it’s taking a toll on my family.
      • I feel invisible and want to be heard, seen, and valued.
      • I’ve lived my life putting everybody else first and lost myself along the way.
      • I am doing all the right things and nothing is working.

If you can relate to any of the above, you are not alone. Stress can have serious consequences to an individual’s physical and mental health, and can negatively impact their personal and professional life as well as family and other relationships. In fact as many as 89% of employees experience stress, 63% are on the verge of burnout, and another 51% suffer from insomnia. A large number quit their jobs because of too much stress, and this negatively impacts businesses, families, and individuals (sources: Eastern Kentucky University, American Institute of Stress, World Health Organization).

If this sounds like you and you are ready to make a lasting change, I invite you to get to know me and have a conversation.

If you are not sure yet, let me ask you, how well is your current approach working for you in terms of happiness, health, productivity, life satisfaction, and relationships? And if you could be in a totally different place six months from now, how willing are you to consider coaching?