Susan Bonner: Introduction


I lead students, faculty and staff to connect with community through engaging and innovative projects.

I teach Digital Art and Design at Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University. Through my leadership in the EPIC Project (, I have developed processes and methods for creating media that moves the public beyond reaction to action by blending socio-emotional content strategies with entertainment based production methods.

Previous to 20 years of teaching, I worked as a researcher for the Department of Education at the University of Cincinnati and the National Association for the Advancement of the Arts in Education. Our research created opportunities for Artworks! to begin by finding significant seed money.

I have been the Gallery Director for both KCAD and Calvin galleries. At Calvin I secured funding for permanent art collections at the DeVos Communications Center and Prince Conference Center. The collections connected with the Calvin Communications curriculum through faculty and donor input.

At KCAD, I am preparing students for professional lives as artists and designers. Together we are finding ways to connect our art to community in a way that brings positive change. We develop community and educational collaborators, then plan, prepare and create media that integrates images, animations, interaction and sound. In a fast changing technical world I teach my students to be problem solvers and seek solutions through collaboration, user testing and iteration.

Let's connect and innovate.

What I am:

  • Artist
  • Designer
  • Educator
  • Community Partner
  • Curriculum Developer
  • Online Influencer
  • Digital Ninja

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