The Road Crew Social Emotional Learning Game


Children's behavioral issues create an obstacle to learning. Educators will use The Road Crew Game to teach young learners how to self-regulate behavior through a memorable interactive Augmented Reality experience with relatable characters.

PreK - 2nd graders will learn to communicate their emotions with words instead of expressing them with their bodies in an unhealthy way. A Universal Design for Learning approach will ensure students with a wide range of sensory and cognitive abilities will be able to engage.


1 in 6 children aged 2-8 has a mental, behavioral, or developmental disorder. CDC (external link).

Young learners are expressing anxiety with their bodies, throwing, hitting, and biting. This is the natural way they understand communication works, especially if they are a child who has experienced trauma.

Early childhood educators are looking for ways to transform violent behavior to a calm classroom where young children can communicate emotions like fear and anxiety in a healthy way.


The Road Crew is animated interactive series for PreK kids that helps them develop coping strategies for anger, anxiety, and sadness, using universal design practices for kids of all abilities.

The Road Crew teaches empathy through humor as the child connects with cute truck characters, and recognizes words to help them talk with trusted adults.

Kids learn physical actions that can help them cope like breathing exercises and calming hand movements. The child can then bring these tools to their struggles in real life.

The goal is to transform violent actions like biting and hitting into calming motions creating mental wellness for young children who experience trauma.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

The series will use universal design for Learning (UDL), including access for all visual impairments including color blindness, audio impairments. It uses visual narrative writing to help those who are blind experience the stories through sound. It uses integrated close captioning to include those who are audio impaired. It will include Spanish and English within the same media.