Universal Design


The universal design approach goes beyond the technical requirements for the accommodation of persons with disabilities and towards their full participation in the ongoing social fabric of the world in which we all live. Universal design allows people of all abilities to experience media together, at the same time, in the same place, on the same channel.

The Road Crew Animated Series will integrate Universal Design methods that will facilitate a seamless and quality experience for everyone, including children and parents like these:

So Far in Our Development, We Have...

Integrated universal color and contrast ...

... for sight-impaired, color-blind, and light-sensitive persons using the I-See-U Universal Color Palette

From the I-See-U Universal Design Guide (external link) (published by LEAD arts)

The Road Crew, Izzy, Biff and Max in full color for common color sighted viewers.

Red-Green Color-blind simulation shows consistent color and contrast.

Integrated visual narrative writing

(as if it were a radio program). This allows the sight-impaired to paint a picture in their mind of what is happening on-screen.

The characters in the panel explain where the reaction to the gross cement pile is happening.

Integrated text for the hearing impaired

When the narrator speaks we have associated thought bubbles that can be read. They will be alternated with the character action so viewers will not need to choose to look at one or the other.