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*Academic Leadership at Kendall College of Art and Design

Associate Professor and Chair of Digital Art and Design at KCAD of Ferris State University

About KCAD

As a college within Ferris State University, Kendall College of Art and Design prepares students for leadership in design, the visual arts, and art history; provides innovative, collaborative education that fosters intellectual growth and individual creativity; and promotes the ethical and civic responsibilities of artists and designers, locally and globally.

My Key Roles

*Institutional Leadership

Ferris State University Academic Leadership Council:

My Role:

Vice Chair of the Academic Leadership Council (ALC)

About the ALC:

The Academic Leadership Council promotes university-wide collaboration and facilitates implementation of university policies and initiatives that impact academic operations; provides a forum for the development, exchange, and the advancement of best practices, academic integrity, and excellence; and makes recommendations to stakeholders to improve processes across all University locations. 

NASAD | National Association of Schools of Art and Design

My Role: 

I am on the committee that prepares for the assessment of Kendall College of Art and Design. Together, we gathered artifacts of learning outcomes for all of the programs at KCAD, met with the accreditation agency. I worked closely with Digital Art and Design and Fashion Studies faculty to prove that the programs are meeting accreditation standards.

KCAD SPARC Committee

As chair, I led focus groups on topics such as

About SPARC at KCAD:

This committee researches the “driving forces” that the institution is likely to face over the next 5 - 10 years. These insights guide the development of periodic strategic plans and consult with the community on matters that affect the projected health of the college. 

Meeting individual student needs

I developed and managed the Digital Learning Center at KCAD

KCAD Digital Learning Center Intro Video

I saw the need for quick access to digital learning help across the university and with the dean and president, went forward with creating a resource center. This was fully staffed with student helpers and became a community center for learning and developing better art and design. The website we created is an archive of tutorials, guides, and production processes developed with KCAD DAD Professor Bill Fischer. 

*The EPIC Project


About the EPIC Project

The EPIC Project creates media that enhances K-12 history, social studies, science, art, and design education. It also compels populations to move beyond reaction to action in support of community initiatives. It’s produced by KCAD students, faculty, and our education and media collaborators.

*Alumni Success

We have tracked over 300 alumni. They work across the entertainment and multimedia markets.

Featured Studios Alumni Work:

Developing Student Focused Curriculum

The Digital Art and Design Program Curriculum

The Digital Art and Design Program follows guidelines set forth by our accreditors:  the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) as well as the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Approvals for any substantial curriculum development are obtained by: The college senate, administration, NASAD, and HLC.

Student Focused Teaching

I helped KCAD Digital Art and Design faculty develop student-centered e-learning courses which have helped to remove barriers to education such as language barriers, audio and visual impairments, complex life schedules, commuting, and living off campus. 

Example Video intro to a fully online course

Courses include:

My Role:

I have been a leader in at my college working with the University eLearning team to create templates for learning used through out the University.

I teach online, hyflex (hybrid) or face to face depending on the needs of the students and have developed courses that are able to benefit all.