8º Encontrol

Merlin Comic Store (09/06/2001)

EnControl was a meeting where brazilian fans and professionals who work with comics used meet to talk about the market and discuss ideas, was held on June 9th at the Merlin Comic Store in São Paulo.

On this eighth edition, the main attraction was the screening of the Superman: The Movie Special Edition. It was the first time, the restored version was shown in Brazil. After that, a debate about Superman comics and movies was conducted by Editora Abril editor Paulo Maffia. Guests participants were Jotapê Martins, editor of Via Lettera and Fabio Marques, from the website Super-Homem.COM. Gifts were offered by Editora Abril.


Comix Book Store (04/08/2001)

The Superman ExpoFAN organized and sponsored by Super-Homem.COM and held on August 4th, 2001 at the Comix Book Shop in São Paulo, Brazil. It was an event dedicated to the adventures of Superman, in and out of comics.

It featured the exhibition of animated series produced by Max and Dave Fleischer; the film series produced by Columbia in 1948; the 1953 TV series pilot episode; and also the feature film Superman: The Movie Special Edition produced by Ilya and Alexander Salkind.

The event also featured collectibles, memorabilia and a gallery of panels with Man of Steel articles.


Comix Book Shop (24/02/2002)

In 1987, the world of comics was shaken by the publication of a miniseries that went down in history: The Dark Knight Returns, written and drawn by Frank Miller, this masterpiece was a game-changer for the genre. After a 15 years hiatus, DC Comics brought Miller back to presents us with the long-awaited sequel to his work: The Dark Knight Returns 2.

In Brazil, the three-part miniseries hit the newsstands on February 26th, 2002. To commemorate this, a special event was be held on February 24 at the Comix Book Shop in São Paulo.

The event include the presentation and release of The Dark Knight 2 #1, one-minute preview of the Justice League cartoon and a 15-minute preview of the Smallville pilot series. After that, Editora Abril editors Paulo Maffia, Marco Moretti and Sérgio Figueiredo, was joined by letterist Lilian Mistunaga and Fabio Marques to chat about The Dark Knight Returns 2).


Warner Channel Latin America (09/04/2002)

In the morning of Tuesday, April 9th, 2002, the latin american cable network Warner Channel who transmits a programming of Warner Bros. films and series for all Latin America and Brazil invited the São Paulo press to present its new premiere series: Smallville.

In the event, journalists of main periodicals and magazines were received with breakfast in a carefully decorated environment as the Jonathan and Martha Kent farm house in Smallville, Kansas. The menu also evoked the American mideast: hamburgers, peanut cream sandwichs and kryptonite juice! The entire place was covered with fragments of the Planet Krypton.

SUPER-homem 80 anos

Quanta Academia de Artes (19/05/2018)

On a Saturday night, Quanta Academia de Artes scheduled a special chat to celebrate Superman's 80th birthday. Going from Siegel and Shuster comics to movie adaptations, series, cartoons and not to mention that infamous digital mustache!

So for more than 3 hours we talked about the behind-the-scenes stories from Warner films, the Columbia series, Fleischer Studios, Man of Steel series and DC comics.


Loja Monstra (9/11/2018)

It was a Friday in November 2018 when I hijacked the chat about 80 years of Superman at Loja Monstra in São Paulo. Together with UniversoHQ editor Sidney Gusman as an accomplice, I spiced up the conversation about Joe Shuster's comic book biography and invaded Editora Aleph official release.

Written by the German Julian Voloj and illustrated by the Italian Thomas Campi, the work narrates the life of the Canadian artist who, together with Jerry Siegel, created the Man of Steel, it was the perfect springboard to talk about the two young Jewish immigrants and all the difficulties they went through in Cleveland, Ohio before, during and after the birth of the world's first superhero.


MIS-SP (15/12/2018)

The NovaFrota BR promoted a special edition dedicated to Superman of the project Além da Telinha! Celebrating and remembering the hero's journey, the event brought a special schedule on Saturday, December 15th, 2019, from 11 am to 6 pm. Throughout the event, in addition to chats, it was presented episodes of Fleischer Studios Superman, The Adventures of Superman with George Reeves, Richard Donner's Superman II and episodes of Lois and Clark.


Teatro Eva Wilva (02/02/2019)

The brazilian StarCon brings together great names in science fiction and fantasy productions in the same event. This year, the annual event also promoted various panels to discuss the current shows and movies. Super-Homem.COM participated in two DC Comics panels: CW's Arrowverse and Netflix's Titans.


MIS-SP (25/05/2019)

MIS-SP received a special event about DC Comics, within the parallel schedule of the Comics Mega-Exhibition being held at the Museum. Saturday, May 25th, 2019, the DC Comics Animation Special brought the screening of DC animated films and DC series, as well as debate panels on the animations that turned DC characters into special moments in TV programming.

Mediated by Paulo Gustavo, author of "Animaq – Almanaque dos Desenhos Animados", the event presented several cartoons from DC Comics, released by Warner Bros over the last 50 years on Brazilian Television programming.

There were debates between the exhibitions with specialists in the field: Fabio Marques, responsible for the biggest brazilian website about Superman, and Maurício Muniz, editor of the magazine Mundo dos Super-Heróis.