Advisory Board

About the Board

St. Stephen’s School is a mission and community outreach program offered by St. Stephen’s Church at 3900 Mechanicsville Road in Whitehall, Pennsylvania. Board meetings are held monthly at the school on a designated day, beginning with an open forum at 6:00 p.m.

Board Members

        • MaryBeth Celona - School Director
        • Melissa Arifaj - Chairperson
        • Jackie Mondschein - Vice Chair
        • Christine Young - Recording Secretary
        • Doreen Wagner - Church Representative
        • Karla Stanz - Parent Representative
        • Patricia Melhem - Parent Representative
        • Ayesha Patterson- Parent Representative
        • Julie Dotterer- Parent Representative
        • Jessie Yeager- Community Representative
        • Joe Lamm- Church Representative
        • Kelly Glazer- Church Representative
        • Father Jonathan Mayo- Pastor