Sacrament Preparation for Children

At St Liborius Parish Sacrament Preparation is Parish-Based, School-Supported and Family-Focused.

Our preparation sessions are outside of school hours at the Parish Centre (usually 7pm) and all candidates are required to attend with a family member who will actively take part. Sessions are run by Fr Stephen with a parish team and members of the St Liborius School Staff. Each Sacrament has 4 one-hour preparation meetings (plus homework).

Preparation is open to all Catholics who are of the appropriate age and have received the prerequisite Sacraments.

Baptism - Must be received before any other Sacraments. If a child is of Catechetical age (7 years or older) they must participate in some preparation before Baptism. We run preparation for Baptism in Term 3 of the school year.

Reconciliation/Confession - This Sacrament is typically received in Grade 3 or 4 and we run preparation in Term 4 of the school year. It must be completed before receiving Confirmation and First Holy Communion.

Confirmation - This Sacrament is typically received in Grade 4 or 5 and is run in Term 1 of the school year. 

First Holy Communion - This Sacrament should be received shortly after Confirmation and is run in Term 2 of the school year.

For older children we are happy to provide preparation alternatives either by supplementing the regular preparation course or providing preparation directly. Please get in touch to discuss any special circumstances.