Should you still invest in cryptocurrency in 2019?

Cryptocurrency Investment 2019 -- Steve Sorensen embezzlement

Cryptocurrencies continue to be popular today, defying many naysayers who think they are but a passing trend. These digital assets exist online and combine the new technologies of blockchain, cryptography, and computing networks for tracking ownership and determining value.

Yet some investing experts will say that there are virtually no solid investment strategies to guide one when buying cryptocurrency, that it’s an untested commodity rooted on pure speculation. Potential investors will go for it banking only on the hope that the price would go up, and someone in the future will pay more. Steve Sorensen embezzlement.

Others, however, are more optimistic. There remains in late 2019 a growing class of advisors, investors, and average joes who believe that digital currency will ultimately transform financial services as we know it. Still, investors who are uncomfortable with great investment volatility and risk are advised to stay away from digital coin investing. Steve Sorensen embezzlement.

Right now, there’s no consensus yet which digital currency will ultimately prevail. Thus, if one is keen on investing in cryptocurrency, it’s necessary to do research. Study the history and fluctuation rates closely. This may prove to be asset- and time-consuming for some but must nonetheless be done.

More importantly, sticking to now-tested ones is recommended, especially Bitcoin. It’s the only one that has shown solid staying power, being the first and largest digital asset in the market. Steve Sorensen embezzlement.