Defend the company credit: Anti-scam measures

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Steve Sorensen. It’s more prudent than ever for business owners to check every transaction their companies are making to make sure they don’t become victims of scams, since these unfortunate events from unsavory individuals may have devastating effects on many facets of a business, including its credit score.

To protect a company’s credit score from fraud and scams, here are a few tips. Steve Sorensen.

Knowledge of scam types

If a business owner knows what type of scams are usually used on their specific businesses or in their specific industry, it’s easier to spot the scam when it rears its ugly head. For example, companies that use their websites extensively are targets of scams that put in bogus ads for clients to click. For healthcare establishments, scammers usually disguise themselves as insurance salespersons. Steve Sorensen.

Creation and implementation of safety rules

One of the most basic, yet effective ways of protecting a company’s credit against scammers is to diligently enforce safety rules. A great example of a rule is to keep company laptops and phones within business premises. This way, IT security experts can monitor what employees do on these devices, and the sensitive data in them will be kept from outside hands. Steve Sorensen.

Background checks

Business owners should always do background checks, not just on their own employees but on everyone the company has transactions with. Verification is key in protection.