No need for a gym membership: Affordable ways of staying fit

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We’ve talked to a number of overweight people in our community and asked them if they’d like to work out and burn some calories. A lot of them said they didn’t have the time given their busy schedules, while a number mentioned that they didn’t have the money to enroll themselves in gyms.

The time factor, we can discuss some other time, but the money, we can give some tips today.

Take for instance, walking. Walking is one of the best exercises there is. It’s low impact so it doesn’t damage your joints. It improves circulation. And it’s free. Go out of your house and walk around the block. Do this for a good 30 minutes every day, and you’ll feel different. We guarantee you.

But if you want to branch out more with routines and if you want your progress monitored, there are several free fitness apps available online. There are apps for every kind of fitness buff. There are apps with both long and short routines. There are timer apps. There are apps that measure your heartbeat. Check them out.

Finally, community sports is a great, free way to get in shape. Almost every community in the country has a sports program. Hang out in parks, basketball courts, football fields, or just ask from the government offices nearest you. If there’s none, you could even start one of your own.

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