Set the Page on Fire

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25 years. 25 cities. 250 interviews.

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Set the Page on Fire: Secrets of Successful Writers will show you how to be a far more productive writer. When you Set the Page on Fire, your output for the time spent writing takes off. Your readers catch fire, too, and keep reading as long as you burn.

Set the Page on Fire will show you how to ignite a bonfire of writing and keep feeding it. You'll understand the Writer's Warm-Up — the shift from verbal brain to writing brain — and learn tricks for getting hot, fast, like puffensprocken, creating a new word at the start of a writing session to engage your massive written vocabulary.

Once you Set the Page on Fire, the right words erupt effortlessly, like fireworks. You struggle to keep up with your thoughts instead of struggling to get started. You find yourself writing tweets, articles, email, short stories, poems, screen plays, letters and books! Your writing at work gets sharp and even grocery lists start showing literary merit.

You're going to want to find outlets for all this material and Set the Page on Fire will help you do that, too. You'll learn about a Four Part Pitch you can use to shop your writing to websites, newspapers, magazines, journals, newsletters and other periodicals. The same pitch will put your work in front of top literary agents and book editors.

Set the Page on Fire and you will no longer dread writing assignments — you'll look forward to them! You will no longer have trouble coming up with written material on even a very tight schedule. You'll love the way you write and you'll want to write more. You'll even look forward to the toughest writing assignment of all: pitching editors and agents.

Set the Page on Fire: Secrets of Successful Writers is based on interviews with 250 successful authors and publishing professionals, plus 25 years in the classroom teaching writing and publishing. The author is longtime book editor and publicist, Steve O'Keefe, freelance writer, author of several textbooks, editor of half a dozen newsletters, employer of dozens of successful writers.

Set the Page on Fire and see how fast you love what you write!

Publishing Professionals Interviewed for Set the Page on Fire

Judith Appelbaum (1940-2018), Author of How to Get Happily Published

Dan Poynter (1938-2015), Publisher, Author of The Self-Publishing Manual

Melvin Charles Jones Sr. (1931-2014), Proprietor, A Tisket A Tasket Booksellers

Peter Workman (1938-2013), Publisher, Workman Publishing

Phil Wood (1938-2010), Publisher, Ten Speed Press

Jan Nathan (1939-2007), Executive Director, Publishers Marketing Association

T.A. Guillory, Professor of English Emeritus, University of Washington and Purdue

John Huenfeld, Consultant, Author of The Huenefeld Guide to Book Publishing

Michael Hoy, Publisher, Loompanics Unilimited, he taught me book publishing

Alice Acheson, Celebrated Book Publicist and my mentor

Jeff Herman, Literary Agent, Author of Jeff Herman’s Guide to Book Publishers, Editors and Literary Agents and my agent

Gary Michael Smith, Publisher, Author of Publishing for Small Press Runs

Rick Wilks, Publisher, Annick Press

Pam Art, Publisher, Storey Publishing

Dominique Raccah, Publisher, Sourcebooks

Maggie Lichtenberg, Book Publishing Coach

John Kremer, Author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

Ken McCarthy, Publisher, author of System Secrets

Marcella Smith, formerly Small Press Vendor Relations, Barnes & Noble

Richard Hoy, Co-Founder,

Jeff Bezos, Founder,

Authors (and Others) Interviewed for Set the Page on Fire

Franklin Adams

Jennifer Adams

Carol Adrienne

Joel Agee

Dorothy Allison

Amanda Anderson

Christoph Andersson

Rexanne Becnel

Tom Benjey

Jason Berry

Tim Bete

Michael C. Bevis

John Billheimer

B.D. Blanchard

Renee Bobb

Steven Boone

Edward J. Branley

Kyle Bravo

Susannah Breslin

Jay Brida

Poppy Z. Brite

Rene Broussard

Juanita Brown

Betsy Burton

Rev. Goat Carson

Betsy Carter

Paula Chase-Hyman

Ethan Clark

Joshua Clark

Andrei Codrescu

Andrew Connan

Joe Cook

Debra Cox

Antonio Crawford

Louie Crowder

Carla Danziger

g.k. darby

Pamela Davis-Noland

R.C. Deglinkta

Michael “Rex” Dingler

Robin Donovan

Don Dunnington

Jocelyn Elder

Jill Ellsworth

Chris Epting

Janet Eyring

Robert Fanney

Patricia Hale Feeney

Virgnina Fleck

Glenn Fleishman

Dennis Foon

Ken Foster

Peter Francis

Tripp Friedler


Peter Gloor

Scott Gold

Neil Gordon

Shari Graydon

Jonathan Gross

Lee Meitzen Grue

T.A. Guillory

Amy Guth

Haley Haden

Stephen Harrigan

Richard Harris

Susan Harrow

Pat Hartman

Patricia Heller

Ina Hillebrandt

Abram Himelstein

Sarah Honenberger

Ruth Hoppin

Shel Horowitz

Mike Hoy

Richard Hoy

Daniel Hoyer

Will Hutchison

Sandra Ingerman

George Ingmire

Sarah Inman

David Isaacs

Shelley Lynn Jackson

Molly Bruce Jacobs

Reginald Johns

Dedra Johnson

Gavin S. Johnson

Frank S. Joseph

Eric Julien

Chef Katrina

Romy Kaye

N.M. Kelby

David Koen

Paul Krupin

Vicki Lane

Jon Lebkowsky

Loris Lesynski

Maggie Lichtenberg

Kathryn Lively

Joan Logghe

Suzanne Lopez

Pat MacEnulty

Mike Maranhas

Michael Martchenko

Chris Matherne

Jacqueline May

Ken McCarthy

Caesar Meadows

Keith Welden Medley

William C. Miller

Family and Friends who helped Set the Page on Fire

Brian T. O’Keefe (1925-2003)

RoseAnn O’Keefe

Tom O’Keefe

Mike O’Keefe

Diane O’Keefe

Maureen O’Keefe Cousins

Kelly O’Keefe

Cristy Drake O’Keefe

Barry O’Keefe

Sharon O’Keefe Newlon

Janet O’Keefe

Storme O’Keefe

Francesca O’Keefe Wolf

Aaron Deter-Wolf

Deborah O’Keeffe

Chelsea Vance

Tom McClanaghan

Kathleen O’Keefe McClanaghan

Leslie Graves Key O’Keefe

Eric O’Keefe

Seraphim O’Keefe

Thomas E. O’Keefe

Barry Wilder O’Keefe

Stephen Boyer Wallace

Gerald Wayne Strickland

James Scranton

Co-Workers and Colleagues who helped Set the Page on Fire

Marc Allen

Antero Alli

Kate Bandos

Marianna Barry

Don Bates

Suzanne Bosse

Holly Brady

Connie Brand

Bob Burjoice

Robin Caputo

Sarah Chayes

Linda Civello

Peter Clifton

Kim Corbin

Jocelyn Cordova

James A. Cox

Elijah “Max” Cross

Cate Cummings

Mark Dazzo

Jacqueline Deval

John Deveney

Susan Diaz-Romero

Ellie Dodson

Eileen Duhne

Jason Epstein

Coley Evans

Cynthia Frank

Mark Frauenfelder

Gwendolyn Gawlick

Ellen Reavis Gerstein

Lynn Goldberg

Norm Goldman

Patrick Grace

Paul Greenberg

Susannah Greenberg

Tracey Greene

Jeremy Hart

Georgia Hughes

Kelly Hughes

George Ingmire

T.R. Johnson

Hank Jones

Heidi Krupp

Cliff Kurtzman

Leanne Landers

Tonya Lehner

Chris Lenois

Steve LeVine

Munro Magruder

Irene Majuk

Rachelle Matherne

Carmela Mayson

Kennedy Mbuvi

Ken McCarthy

Katie McCaskey

Vanessa McGrady

John McHugh

Tatyana Meshcheryakova

Lori Sayde Mehrtens

Maureen Moss

Walt Mossberg

Monique Muhlenkamp

Raj Mukhopadhyay

Terry Nathan

B.L. Ochman

Tom Person

Amy Philips

Dr. Robert Pretlow

Lyndsey Rabon

Keith Reeves

Rachel Reeves

David Reich

Howard Rheingold

Andrea Millen Rich

Chug Roberts

Anthony Roland

MJ Rose

Lew Routh

Heath Row

Morty Schiller

Betsy Scuteri

Katherine Shute

Sandy Siegle

Gibbs Smith

Patricia Spadaro

Joan Stewart

Heather Stone

Victoria Sutherland

Mohmmed Tazehzadeh

Laura Theriot

Kama Timbrell

Richard R. Troxell

Rob Van Slyke

Lance Vargas

Jesse Vohs

Carol Vorvian

Melissa Weiner

Kelley Weir

Kim Weiss

Allyson Wendt

Skye Wentworth

Creamy Whitethighs

Kathleen Jacob Wikstrom

David Wilk

George “Loki” Williams

Hilary Williamson

Scott Wilson

Tom Woll

Nigel Yorwerth

Marcia Yudkin

Alex Zorychta