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"It has always confounded me how people can possess excellent writing skills, but be so devoid of logic, perception, reason, and substance/research." -- Fan Mail

This hour-long documentary featuring Steve O'Keefe and Paul Jay starts with Cambridge Analytica and explains how Robert Mercer, Charles Koch, and other dark money billionaires have been manipulating elections and elected officials to create an undemocratic America of corporations, by corporations, and for corporations. This is a video version of my CounterPunch columns for the past two years. Please support for making courageous documentaries that make the powerful uncomfortable.

This is a review of the movie, Rigged, in which David N. Bossie, the Citizen in Citizens United, the 2010 Supreme Court case that opened the floodgates to unlimited corporate cash in American elections, complains about unlimited corporate cash in the 2020 election. Read at CounterPunch or right here at my website.

Evil genius billionaire Robert Mercer is the most dangerous person in the world. Have you heard of him? He's the hedge fund billionaire that brought us SCL Group, Brexit, Cambridge Analytica, Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, Emerdata, Parler and more. Read my profile on CounterPunch or right here at my website.

I am arguably the world’s worst pianist. My piano recordings have been described as brutalist, unlistenable, and “hilariously awful.” It’s not just that I’m bad, it’s that I’ve kept at it, year after year, for over five decades. Most people experiencing this much failure would have given up.

Use your Amazon Author Page as your press kit and online home. Then review books, comment on book reviews, and comment on news -- linking everything back to Amazon, resulting in a self-reinforcing escalation of visibility! Most publishers will not tell authors about these techniques because publishers (understandably) hate Amazon.

Set the Page on Fire: Secrets of Successful Writers is based on interviews with 250 published authors, book publishers and booksellers. This essay explains the origins of the book in 1994, what happened to the manuscript during Hurricane Katrina, and how it came into a new life with New World Library.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Set the Page on Fire, Steve O'Keefe set himself on fire on Facebook by writing a SHORT Short Story every day for a month. The entire collection of stories is published here in their original order. Enjoy!

Steve O'Keefe is on fire at CounterPunch, taking on subjects such as economics, fecalnomics, capitalism, political power, privacy, and much more!

This essay is about a piece of music made to commemorate the death of Washington Post journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, in the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Turkey on October 2, 2018. Both the essay and the music provide an unusual perspective on this horrifying act.

A honey badger is considered, pound for pound, the fiercest fighting animal on Earth. However, it has a weakness that, once discovered, results in the honey badger always losing to a superior foe. So what is the honey badger's Achilles' heel?

He had an algorithm and a sense of rhythm! John Coltrane invented a formula -- "Giant Steps Changes" -- for getting more emotional satisfaction from his musical excursions. His music was dubbed "the sound of search" and that's not the only connection between SEO and XTC.