Resources for Writers


Believe It or Not! A Case History (PDF)

by Steve O'Keefe

In this case history Mr. O'Keefe relates the story of the Ripley's Freaky Friday campaign from inception to conclusion. This revolutionary online classroom program is an excellent entry-level illustration of promotions in the Internet age.

Two Great Publishing Ideas from Canada (PDF)

By Steve O’Keefe

Mr. O'Keefe shares some innovative promotional ideas picked up during his forays across our northern border. Instructional and inspirational.

Workin’ in a Winter Wonderland (PDF)

by Steve O'Keefe

Steve O'Keefe waxes eloquent on the subject of the Canadian approach to the publishing industry.

“Points of Interest” Cheat Sheet (PDF)

by Steve O'Keefe

Internet Guru Steve O'Keefe shares his expertise on the all important "Points of Interest" sheet. Using this technique to provide journalists with built in story ideas can greatly increase the effectiveness of any book promotion campaign.

The Publisher's Plan (PDF)

By Steve O'Keefe

Steve looks at the opaque nature of author/publisher relations and provides suggestions for remedies.

Publishers: Here's Why Authors Hate You (PDF)

Heavily Edited By Steve O'Keefe

Steve shares a series of conversations with literary personalities Richard Hoy, Steve Roth, Ted Nace, and others about the often adversarial relationship between authors and publishers.

TUTORIAL - Online News Rooms (PDF)

By Steve O'Keefe

Steve O'Keefe takes a look at the concept of Online News Rooms, what works and what doesn't.

The Apple Tree Theory (PDF)

By Steve O'Keefe

Steve O'Keefe explains how good things happen when you give your books away.

Publishing Strategies for

The Bookstore of the Future (PDF)

By Steve O'Keefe

This article contains several tips and tricks for working with Print On Demand, geared towards the author's perspective.

Booksellers’ Worst Nightmare?

Kinko’s: Bookstore of the Future (PDF)

By Steve O'Keefe

A look at the Print On Demand (POD) revolution and its possible long range effects.

Books for Complete Morons (PDF)

By IfMS, syndicated by Steve O'Keefe

This humorous press release is syndicated as a stellar example of publisher branding for your enjoyment and education.

Five Tips For Better Branding Online (PDF)

By Steve O'Keefe

This article supplies proven strategies for publishers to use in enhancing their brands online.

Simon and Seth: A Parable (PDF)

By Steve O'Keefe

This article examines how to profit from giving away your content, a parable about a well know "Seth."

Online Marketing for Book Publishers

10 Practical Strategies (Word document)

By Steve O'Keefe

Originally presented at the Stanford Professional Publishing Program, this article is a summary of trends in online marketing for book publishers.

Online Newsrooms

By Steve O'Keefe

This article covers discusses what should and should not be included in a corporate online newsroom, including how to handle contact information, basic content, advanced content, and cutting-edge stuff. Includes links to resources. Originally appeared in the magazine, Executive Update.

Online Publicity for Authors

A special article for authors who want to know what they can do to promote their own books online without spending a fortune.

Book Publicity on the Internet

A basic primer including news releases, announcements, discussion group postings, signatures, etc.