Resources for Writers

Publishing Professionals Interviewed for Set the Page on Fire

Judith Appelbaum (1940-2018), Author of How to Get Happily Published

Dan Poynter (1938-2015), Publisher, Author of The Self-Publishing Manual

Melvin Charles Jones Sr. (1931-2014), Proprietor, A Tisket A Tasket Booksellers

Peter Workman (1938-2013), Publisher, Workman Publishing

Phil Wood (1938-2010), Publisher, Ten Speed Press

Jan Nathan (1939-2007), Executive Director, Publishers Marketing Association

T.A. Guillory, Professor of English Emeritus, University of Washington and Purdue

John Huenfeld, Consultant, Author of The Huenefeld Guide to Book Publishing

Michael Hoy, Publisher, Loompanics Unilimited, he taught me book publishing

Alice Acheson, Celebrated Book Publicist and my mentor

Jeff Herman, Literary Agent, Author of Jeff Herman’s Guide to Book Publishers, Editors and Literary Agents and my agent

Gary Michael Smith, Publisher, Author of Publishing for Small Press Runs

Rick Wilks, Publisher, Annick Press

Pam Art, Publisher, Storey Publishing

Dominique Raccah, Publisher, Sourcebooks

Maggie Lichtenberg, Book Publishing Coach

John Kremer, Author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

Ken McCarthy, Publisher, author of System Secrets

Marcella Smith, formerly Small Press Vendor Relations, Barnes & Noble

Richard Hoy, Co-Founder,

Jeff Bezos, Founder,