Original Songs

一根烟 A Puff of Memories

Zombie Boy

Live Life with Strength

Love Our Hood, Do Some Good

Sing Like a Star

Thoughtful Rides are What We Like

Dubstep Demo

Let's Go Save Water

Brothers and Sisters

Preparing the Feast

They're Here!

Chingay 2014: PA-ssion Gardening

Premiere Arrangements

A Distant Dream, but my Heart Thinks of Home



《我们的故事》Our Story (Ballad)

《木兰心》The Mulan Spirit


《山峰最耀眼的风景》The View from the Top

《筑梦》Building Dreams

Right the Wrong

《答案》 The Answer 

《等》 Waiting

Don't Hold Back

《保佑保佑》 Blessings

《爱你》 Loving You

《差不多先生》Mister Almost-There

《赖床》Lazing in Bed

《我们的故事》Our Story

《在河边洗衣》 Love by the River

《最后一首歌》The Last Song

 《爱情风险》 Love at Risk

《当初的自己》The Way I Was

《如梦》 A Dream

《一首没唱完的情歌》 An Unfinished Love Song


啡情歌 Coffee Love Song

《沙漠的花朵》 Flower in the Desert 

《留声》 Phonograph


Sacred Springs: Rhythms of Joy


The Nursery Rhymes Project 3

《牵手》 Holding Hands

You Raise Me Up


雪落下的声音》 The Sound of Falling Snow

小幸运》 for flute and piano

Together We Can

OneService, Our Neighbourhood Matters

St Anthony's Canossian Convent School Anthem

Yuying Secondary School Anthem

Unity Secondary School Anthem

Reinecke Flute Concerto Imagined

《雪落下的声音》The Sound of Falling Snow

Stay With You

《愿你得到幸福》Semoga Bahagia 

《天乌乌》Ti Orh Orh 

Tales of Christmas

At the Beginning


童心童曲 (儿童歌曲创作比赛)

Fun Dance CD for Pre-schoolers